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  1. The scariest stuff? Here, it's a video which was published last year. It shows a glacier, about the size of Manhattan, going down and it's all thanks to Climate Change. P.S: HB, do you know that you bring in Al Gore up nearly every post you make about Climate Change? I think you need help bud, that kind of obsession isn't healthy.
  2. English, Hindi (Plus a few other Indian languages), French, German & Spanish. By the way, if anyone wants to learn new languages, do try Duolingo.com. It's a lovely site (not-for-profit) which teaches basics of popular languages.
  3. Hmmm...the social media started throwing around the term "God Particle" instead of using the correct term, which is Higgs Boson. CONSPIRACY! I bet that Peter Higgs is trying to create more jobs in the field of Physics by putting the fear of God in young minds! He knew he couldn't do that with a scientifically accurate term like "Higgs Boson", so he added the G-word to it. P.S: The term "Global Warming" was first used in 1975 by Wallace Broecker (geochemist) in his article, ""Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?", prior to which the generally accepted term was
  4. Hello World. One of the most fascinating (and ironic) things I come across on daily basis are conversations related to imperfections in the current systems. The system could be the government, education system all around the world or in a certain locality or just the way people behave, the term is ambiguous. We all have different ideas about how a particular system should work but more often than not, our ideas are subjective and are controlled by human tendencies. Be that as it may, I came up with this little thread to know how YOU would construct a Utopia. There are no rules and guidelines
  5. I wanted to make a separate post to make sure that I don't hurt people's feelings and especially to make sure that everyone knows that I respect everyone's choices and opinions. So, 1) I'm not promoting Obama for 2012 and nor am I against Republicans. 2) I'm not advertising politifact. 3) I'm not American 4) I'm not a Lady Gaga/The Big Bang Theory fan (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be) 5) I'm not taking a shot at the Republicans but I am questioning the actions of mass media and the intelligence of my friend.
  6. Hello World. This thread is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Why? Because 1) I want to make it clear to fellow Hypographers that I'm not an American. 2) I really think the mass media is conspiring against Obama. Before I go on and present my thoughts and ideas, I want to make this very, VERY clear that as much as I support President Obama (because I think he's a very nice person), I have no interest or affection in American political parties what so ever. Okay, so all of this brain-storming when there were multiple articles in newspapers and television about some poll
  7. Well, if you count Goldman Sachs (and friends) as a party, then many! Of course they choose to play the non-traditional "behind the scene" roll after winning the elections, like they did after winning the 2000 and 2004 elections. I love the fact that you used "and many many others". In my defense, neither am I an American nor do I live in the USA (or on the other half of GMT). All I know is that the top dogs are the Republicans and Democrats. On a serious note, there are (according to Wikipedia), 5 major parties in the USA, the Green Party and the Constitution Party are among them whi
  8. As much as I smell the sarcasm in that statement, I can't resist the urge to comment on it. CO2 isn't harmful, when it blocks the IR rays, that's when it becomes a pain in the butt. Coming back to the topic, they are Republicans, what else do you expect? No offense to the Republican supporters but it has become a trend to recruit crazy-nutsoes into the party. Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich. I can go on forever. Honestly, I think the US should have a 3 party system. That ought to shake things up a bit.
  9. Before I get into any trouble. I'm sorry if this topic doesn't belong in the lounge.
  10. Hello World. I'm back again with a sword hanging around my neck. I need a major advice for my academic life and I think at this point I need a logical advice rather than one based on emotions. So, I have come here. Before I begin with the problem part, I'll let the readers know something about how education and college entrance works in India to ease advising process. In India, the senior year is called 12th standard or 12th grade (which is the grade I am in). Like all other countries this year decides your eligibility for joining a college. In 12th grade you get to choose from Arts, Commerc
  11. Thank you so much Turtle. I've been doing some research myself and I'm pretty much convinced that all the stuff said about Prius on TopGear,CNW and countless amount of blogs is to create a mass delusion among the masses (Average Joes). :| I'll try to post the links soon.
  12. For a long time I have been noticing people saying things about Toyota Prius which can only be viewed as a negative review. I strongly suspect if most of the people have actually driven one but that's not my concern as of now. I've been told that Toyota's Prius is not environmental friendly. I'm not sure whether to believe it or not and hence I come here seeking some hardcore facts and science. People claim that the production of Toyota Prius is one of the most non-eco-friendly production ever. There are some questions being raised if the car itself is environmental friendly. I've also been to
  13. Hello World, it's almost Christmas season so I thought I should lighten up the mood a little. I would like to share this song I heard last year which unfortunately didn't make it to the charts since most of the recording companies thought it wouldn't do good for their sales. Hopefully it will make it to the charts this year though. So, this is for a merrier Christmas. The Florin Street Band's - My Favorite time of Year. http://youtu.be/H10f2w7T5CU Please view it and share it and enjoy the holidays. Regards ( & Happy Holidays to you all) ^_^
  14. My favorite time of year by Florin Street Band. It's a nice song, makes my mood Christmasy.
  15. If you think your politicians are bad then you should come and see the ones in India. Our scenario is worst than yours. Anyways coming back to the topic it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it's the Thinkers we need not the Socialists. BUT, the thing is that most of the thinkers would rather stay way from politics, either because they can get better jobs with higher success rate or because they hate politics. Democracy if you ask me is pretty good until it becomes part of "politics". A more transparent system will be a solution to the problems that democracy brings but our p
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