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  1. Yes, also Lorentz, Poincare and Einstein had not distinguished the types of relativity (Poincare had some intuituonal reservation and he had not sufficiently adopted). However these nuances are the reality of nature and one of key factors for light kinematics and SR. You may allow yourself to see and internalize these key factors and probably you may estimate/discover a possibility for cosmological analysis. Special relativity is a valuable theory by being first approach for light linematics. LCS concept is improved due to SR. Summary, Light kinematics and cosmological analyses must b
  2. There are serious differences for the types of relativity. If an object (A) gets its speed due to another object ( B ). The speed of A is "essentially relative" according to B. If A player throws a ball, the ball's speed is "momentary relative" according to the player. For following times, the player can go to anywhere freely; and the distance between the ball and player does not change by only the ball's speed; so, we cannot say "directly relative" for following time. The ball's speed is "pseudo relative" according to the player for other times any more. http://vixra.org/abs/1903.0044
  3. In universe, there is not any thing that has not motion. SR gives reference role to the source/moving body and it accepts that light's velocity is essentially relative value according to its source and everything. However, the source or photon does not apply a power for motion to each other.
  4. Which one is for the motion of light (photon) according to its source?
  5. I want to define the essences and details for the types of relativity: Essentially relativity: An automobile on a road. It applies power to road and its speed is generated through the road. This value of speed is “essentially relative” according to road. The automobile moves away from starting point by this speed. Titular/nominal/pseudo relativity: Two moving automobiles (A, B on the same road. The speed of B according to A is “pseudo relative”; or the speed of A according to B. They do not apply any power to each other. Actually we can say that it is the increasing/decreasing speed of t
  6. The report of the objections about STR I want to share my final comment for my mental adventure about STR. Because, according to some books, to interest and understand the STR is an essential point for mental enlightens and high level pleasure of personal life events. STR has a powerful effect to provoke the interest of science and to advance our intellectual performance. Karl Popper had mentioned this theory as a good example in his book (The Logic of Scientific Discovery). STR has supported our humanity pride by discovering a nature secret and deserved high admiration. So it has beco
  7. STR (Special Theory of Relativity) says that cosmological analyses are impossible because of the problem of simultaneity.
  8. ...you are unable to make your argument clearer and more convincing... I hope that I could tell the nuance clearly and simply.
  9. Yes, it is asubject of the section of alternative theory. Yes, everything is relative and the co-reference frame of everything is LCS (Light coordinate system) or outer space or entire of universe (*). You are my hero. If everything would be simple as shown, the science should be unneeded. (*) Everything has motion in universe and there is not any inert frame.
  10. II. Galilei Event In science and life the perceiving the entire of picture is important. But the organism that is called “Human” is at a position of local place or he usually considers himself as a reference frame. For example they had kept a stationary postulate as “the Sun turns around the Earth” up to 16 th Century. As known this dogmatic postulate was broken by Galilei (Copernic’s detection was upon orbital motion; Galilei’s detection is belonging with axial turning of the Earth). If we discuss this event we will see that “to see from relative position causes wrong perception; correct
  11. The theories SR and GR tell the time of every cosmic unit works with different tempo due to its relative speed. And it is imposible to set relationships is between cosmic units according to Einstein's theories because of not obtaining synchronous time . But we can analyze this problem by a new model (named "Effective form of universe").
  12. Yes. I realized an analyzing. But the results did not certificate the theory SR. In my opinion the relative speeds are not the master reason for space-time. I perceived that the master reason is the limited speed of light.
  13. According to big bang theory The form of universe may be spherical surface. But we can perceive it by the form of asymmetric elipsoidal surface because of the limited speed of light.
  14. Cosmic units have redshift except Andromeda* (*because of peculiar speed in local cluster). Therefore all of them have opposite vector for absolute form of universe. But we can not say same things for visible universe.
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