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  1. I thought I was in the presence of intelligence on this website until I see one of the brains crack so easily. Too bad.
  2. I also am able to fall asleep when I need to, but my GF can't sleep for the life of her. Sometimes I do wake up in the middle of the night, though. What I am trying to figure out is more directly related to the physical properties of the non-physical mind and the effects they have on going from unconcious to concious states of mind. What is the trigger and how does it work?
  3. Some say that memory, thoughts, emotions, etc are all electrical signals, vibrations, hums, etc in the spaces in our brains. So my question is, on those night that you can't fall asleep for the things on your mind, why not? What about the restless nights in which you wake up many times due to a busy mind? Why aren't we able to remain asleep and quell these electrical impulses of our conciousness unless there is something to kick the impulses into action even when they are at rest? Can you dig it? What gives?
  4. Maybe we get to choose before we get here. Quality or quantity. Clearly, cats and dogs have better lives than humans. But they only live 1/7 of the time. The 100K year old corral doesn't seem to have a very stimulating life, but it's here for a long time. Maybe we are the ones that saw "Human" as an option and said, "Hey, that looks like a nice mix."
  5. Is this after the catastrophe or was it already in progress?
  6. I don't disagree. Do we know specifically who those people are?
  7. Louisiana is a democratic state. Apparently they do want the federal government to be big and take care of them. It's just that when the govt does send money, they waste it. When they have the opportunity to take full advantage of what their political doctrines call for, they do not take it. Both the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana should be on trial for gross negligence resulting in death. Maybe not for the death of all who died, considering there was a hurricane, but the death for those who died as a result of their inaction. Surely, one is enough, although there are
  8. Isn't natural law really just the defined limits of our current understanding and sight into this universe? There could be a lot outside what we label "natural law." Even Nature to us is only what we can perceive. I don't think we have the facilities to perceive everything there is to perceive.
  9. Unfortunately, most of us are too ignorant of other options to know for sure. I've stated my personal reason for choosing Christianity in another thread. Because of the fact that it holds that God gave sacrifice to know man as opposed to man sacrificing things to earn God's favor. I like that. But I can't believe that just being nice to people will allow you to get out of choosing. Maybe the right religion wants you to be mean to people. How can we know? I can certainly see why someone predisposed to facts alone could give up on or get scared away from religion. There are none and your
  10. You seem to project your perception onto the world as their own a lot. "In my mind" always leads to "our minds." Unfortunately for you, I don't see God as a painting for I don't see Him at all. Only one sense is available to know God and it isn't one of the five scientifically stated ones either.
  11. I'll rephrase what I said. Some may or may not choose Christianity as their method of spiritual belief. I have and so I must by definition use the Bible to learn the history of my method. My relationship with God is my own and I completely agree with you that you can certainly develop a relationship with God without literature. However, the question that remains is, What, if any religion, is the "right" one? No one will know, even by science. Seems like russian roulette to me.
  12. If you're referring to religion as the contemporary business and conflict creator that it is today, then I agree with you. However, if you are including the Bible in your description, I can't agree with you. I choose to learn about what God has to say through the Bible (even though I don't read it avidly, which I should). Other people choose other books and also lead different lives as well, some with more or less conflict than myself. Anyways, I agree that if you can learn about God, perhaps through the Bible, without getting sucked into religious zeal, more power to you!
  13. Could we live longer if the upper atmosphere was different and protected us better from weird discovered and undiscovered space life degenerators (ie. radiation)?
  14. Unless you are talking about some sort of production, autos or food, JIT is just procrastination. JIT requires an evolved system of forecasting and can be accomplished with far away suppliers. Just because your company is JIT doesn't mean your supplier has to be, and more often than not, they DO have a huge inventory and if they don't, you should find another one. As long as you forecast properly, JIT works very well. You are still susceptible to needing storage space also when marketing makes a mistake and builds more than the market will bear. Woops. And since you are forecasting you
  15. I think new ideas are modifications to things that already exist. I subscribe to the notion that we are all conditioned by our environment we live in and the rest is genetic/evolved. Gut feelings --> your new ideas theory are merely logic turned rationale turned common sense applied to solve a problem at hand. Our thought process has evolved with our bodies and we simply apply it in the range of our present. When we have more time we always turn to the slow, raw logic. When we are in the middle of the street and under a tire, we use what we were born with, unless something we lived th
  16. Buffy either I am smarter than I thought or you are dumber than I thought, but you just said almost exactly what I was going to say. Rationale is logic applied quickly. It is logic that is relative, which obviously will lead to bad decisions by squirrels. In squirrel world, judging vehicular speed has been much less necessary than limb jumping accuracy. Thump thump.
  17. There are definitely some people I wish I could wire up but alas... Besides, I think controlled human tests dealing with behavior are tainted anyways due to self awareness. :lol:
  18. I guess I was referring more to the turning around to be misunderstood. It's funny because the cardio equipment faces away from the door and you can see everyone turn around. Some people do their best to resist but you know they want to! Anyways, I don't think anyone there thinks of it as some natural instinct to check for predators but just as being nosy. I think that's a little funny. Do you think having two of some organs evolved to overcome certain diseases? I mean, taking it to an extreme, I'd love to have a spare body in case I "total" this one.
  19. Yes as it was discussed before, the population control theory seems very plausible. I was merely offering a previously unmentioned point of view. If I have a gay kid then I do. You're right, I'm not worried about that. I'm all about progress! And thanks for the Roman information!
  20. I want to talk about things we do or have today that aren't so needed anymore and what we think or know why they were used. For instance, the appenix. From what I have heard, it was formerly used to help digest raw meat. Or on a behavioral note, how about when you are somewhere doing something and someone walks in. Even if your back is turned and you hear the door open and close, you have to turn around and see who it is. I do this all the time in the gym. Who's there!? :rant: Is this some sort of protective instinct we used to need? What other things are there?
  21. Maybe the gay served some useful purpose to society at some point in history and now they are simply vestigial like so many of our other odd behaviors and some organs. I mean, let's face it, choice or not, you cannot argue that being gay serves any purpose to the survival of the species (of any species) today. So you can't really be surprised when many people who haven't given completely in to political correctness are innately upset of something that looks and sounds just like they do not be able to contribute to propogation. I think it is almost natural for a straight (uninfluenced by to
  22. I like the basic range theory by our resident perch professor. Maybe that's why some of you like the bodybuilder woman "Miss Fitness USA" type complete with deep voice and some like your librarian....and some of you are librarians.
  23. Can light travel in a circle? How would this affect the speed? Where does light go when you remove the source? Why aren't there a bunch of photons lying on the ground? Or are they? Am I basically a bunch of photons? Why can't we trap light between two mirrors after the source is removed? Or can we? Can you look at the speed of light in a manner that suggests that time does not in fact stop at the speed of light, it only seems that way because if you were able to do work at the speed of light it would be done in "no time?" If you were moving at the speed of light all around me, we
  24. All the small factors and differences are endlessly debatable, but the real answer lies in our scientists ability to determine the beginning of the universe and the (true) direction it is headed (predict the future). So if you are a researching scientist looking for answers, I'm waiting! :) PS. You all have to agree on the answer for it to be the right one. Focus!
  25. Then I guess we forgive each other. Isn't there a thread on language already? :)
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