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  1. El español escrito es igual para todos los hispanoparlantes, los modismos salen a la hora de hablarlo, pero probablemente todos podamos entender el sentido de todos facilmente... asi que por eso no te preocupes
  2. The good old Tenochtitlan. Its foundation is supose to be in 18 july in 1325, is difficult to separate the truth from the myth in the foundation. The leyend told us that the Aztecs (from aztlan) were in a peregrination, the last of this 13 tribes, the mexhicas (meshicas) was guided by Huitzilipochtli (god of war, hunt and asociated to the Mexhicas) to a swamp were they would find a Eagle devorating a serpent. Exist a discution about the interpretation of this leyend, because seems a little difficult to belive that in the mesoamerican logic, an eagle (representing the power and wisdom from heav
  3. i really dont understand, maybe i cant detect double sense and sarcasm in english, im not really sure. well if that happens with one or two, maybe y can nderstand.. but if this is all professors, maybe you are not SO "brilliant"... And well, im not sure what kind of funding is that thay you are talking about that they give free education to every foreing they see, because, well "im foreign" and its not easy to get "free funding education"
  4. and the problem there is because...? United states of north america is a nation strongly of inmigrants. The U.S. has take a lot of advanteges from the Brain Robbering (fuga de cerebros?). always with the discurss of the land of liberty and democracy, and iquals... what were you waiting for? All countrys have funds for foreing students, and those who achieve that priviliges are because they have earn it (or al very very lucky son´s of a person with good realtionships). If you said that intelligent americans could be using that funds.. what are you concerning for?, if they are good students
  5. thanks JMJ, I really dont know anything about how much iron and oxygen and things like that plants need, but i can help mor ein the chistory, cultural and techinques. Im going to do a little research and i post a thread, with some other i had in mind. I have been a little ausent because school and ohter activitys, i hope return in sunday XD
  6. Freeztar: Yes, is more complex than national fercor, but i explain it from my point of view. For each of that mexican, i can tell you about 10 mexicans that like to live in México. As i see, if that people want to get to the U.S. they can take his malinchista butt there, thats not a reason to became an indepent nation to a U.S. colonny. they do it to control de monopoly of drugs, they take bands, they do not take down the really big criminals, they fight against the people who is in drugs because they dont have many options. DFinitibly disturbed: Do you know that a lot fo people
  7. Well, im not sure about drugs legalize, not very against it, but i dont think thats gonna resolve the problem. The criminals are still going to control the markets, but instead of being in the underworld, they are going to be called Busnisses. I´m not sure of know the meaning of strained.. si something like "forced¿?", any way, in the cultural case they have not similaritys, but in the two states or two political forces trying to governate is whay i emphazises. (i dont know U.S., in mexico narcotraficantes are politic forces too -.- F...Ck politcis...)
  8. thanks, im learning about how to quote, then the images would come muajajaja!, i hate technology -.- And well, what age are you?
  9. Well, dude. Don´t take it personally, but you maybe think that because you live in the american lifestyle, probably you have been raised with some values, maybe not to exagerated as the cristian ortodoxes oy.. you understand me. What would you think if a Russian from the soviet union had tell you the same? México and the U.S. have different values, i can respect a lot fo american values, others not (and i think most of people in this forum are going to feel the same about my values). Simple things like sing your national himne, that you have inference in some way in your political life.. are l
  10. well, form the herbal medicine i have not much information, although i know a guy is making his licenciature tesis from the herbal medicine of the raramuris, and myabe i can gather some information about it. but i will make a thred to treat it properlly. When i reffer to the earthquakes i was not saying the en dof the 5 sun was coming, but more in a way the phenomenoms the aztecs will associete with the end of their sun and the mythologycal Cipactli. About, numerology and the geometry i do not understand it pretty much, y will read it with more calm in the night. And of course there are
  11. Well i see this thrad has some time without answer but i cannot stay quiet. I will lie if i say you i dont want to argue debate or polemyc, i love the three of them! First, We all have seen that amero has not been yet, praise the currency gods do not allowed it. As some as you say, and what im going to said represent my opinion of what most of latin american people feel, but not necesarily is the reality or the opinion of all. The problem with Amero and a Union of that way is that for experiencie, the U.S. does not give without take (and maybe is a rule for every nation), but as a 100% cap
  12. Hello people! Turtle: i thinked you were the native :) Well, about the 21 signs,m you are right, they are 20. And i have a incredible explication why are them 20. For the nahuatl the count system was bigecimal not decimal as we now to day. The calcoluos they made are based in the "20" because is a natural number. If you want an example count the number of fingers you have in your hands and feet. XD Well, the earthquake predictions form earthquakes are very effective, Haiti, perú, méxico, and the tsunamis (that are practically earthquakes). The earthquakes happen because the "Cipactli" a myt
  13. ok, maybe you could be right. Im not a mayan expert, and also im more familiarized with the nahuatl culture. Yeah!, The sun stone! In the center you can see Tonatiuh a solar "deity", his tongue is a sacrifice knife of pedernal. He also has to hands/claws holding human hearts. there are 4 images in the central circle, one of Quetzalcoatl (ehecatl), Tezcaltlipoca (the jaguar), tlaloc y Chalquihue. Each on corresponde to a passed ear or "sun". We are supposed to be in the 5 sun that is going to end with huge earthquakes! In the second circle you can saw 21 figures (i remember 21) each one for o
  14. Well, this si one of the first articles i read when i beguin studyng Cultural Antropology. I think you are going to aprecciate it, i like it alot, and give us an idea why we have to be careful when we talk about other cultures. Is like looking in a mirror! The anthropologist has become so familiar with the diversity of ways in which different people behave in similar situations that he is not apt to be surprised by even the most exotic customs. In fact, if all of the logically possible combinations of behavior have not been found somewhere in the world, he is apt to suspect that they must be
  15. im not sure who said that... but.. Its ridiculous, Quetzalcoatl its a nahuatl "deity" not a maya. the equivalent or more similar would be Kukulkan (I think they called him huracan in other maya mythology).
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