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  1. Doesn't make sense. While the flood is the only plausible reason for us being able to find vast pockets of oil today, there was not enough vegetation and other life forms available at that one point in history to have supplied the many billions of gallons of oil which have been used up and are still to be found and used.
  2. Uh....they are all from Hurricane Katrina... One happens to be of a tornado which, as Turtle pointed out, are frequently associated with hurricanes. In fact, it is the tornadoes which are the biggest fear for those of us who live inland in the hurricane prone areas.
  3. http://www.worldenergy.org/wec-geis/publications/reports/ser/wind/wind.asp ...and... France Wind Capacity Has Doubled Since 2001 Tariff Law Passed Denis Du Bois February 25, 2005 The French branch of Boralex announced its plans to construct two new wind energy production sites in the mountainous French region known as the Massif Central. The 38 turbines will have a total capacity of 57 MW, bringing the company's total capacity in France to 81 MW. France has 386 MW of installed wind energy capacity. The industry was given a boost by an electricity feed-in tariff law passed in 2001. Operators
  4. Uncle AL, Stanford Scientist say we can get enough energy from the wind. http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2005/may25/wind-052505.html A partial quote..."...After analyzing more than 8,000 wind-speed measurements to identify the world's wind-power potential for the first time, Cristina Archer, a former postdoctoral fellow, and Mark Z. Jacobson, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, suggest that wind captured at specific locations, if even partially harnessed, can generate more than enough power to satisfy the world's energy demands. Their report appears in the May
  5. UncleAl, I can agree that wood is not a viable source of energy for many of the reasons you listed... but this one is nonsense. Cutting down trees is not the biggest factor affecting the spotted owl. Remember the pictures of spotted owls in Kmart signs after select cutting in Oregon was allowed? Something else is affecting the spottred owl, and most likely it is not man. "Scientists are not sure what is causing the declines, but possible factors include invasion of the spotted owl's habitat by the barred owl, an aggressive cousin from Canada that often drives them off, Lint said. Habitat l
  6. I'm with damocles... my theory is a comment like this is what inspired UncleAl's avatar.
  7. For those who like weather photos. Here are some of Hurricane Katrina taken in Alabama.
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughts posted. On this latest post I wonder if Bernouli's Principle wouldn't keep water from venturing too far toward the core? The tremendous steam pressure created by water getting close to the superheated core should create a barrier to further seepage, no?
  9. Thought you might find the attached lightning photos interesting. They were taken at Edwards Air Force Base after the recent Space Shuttle Dicovery landing. A friend of a friend works at NASA and these were sent to him. Good quality photos! Enjoy Skippy
  10. Read an article on CNN.com today discussing a new report from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign report in Friday's issue of the journal Science (here's the story). The study found that the Earth's solid core is spinning faster than the reast of the planet, and that that has some effect on gravity. But what interested me was a comment by Dr. Song; "..in a telephone interview that he expected that rate to vary over time and sometimes the core might be spinning slower than the rest of the planet." Question 1: It has been sh
  11. We had snow here for the first time in years, on Christmas Eve. I live outside of Houston, TX. A friend sent me a sattelite photo showing the Lower Gulf Coast of Texas covered in snow. It was great, my 15 and 13 year olds had never been in snow.
  12. Skippy

    Misfit fossil

    I think Fishteacher pointed out why the language was supicious. Supposed eye stalks do not necessarily mean the existence of eyes. It is easy to assume that this animal had highly developed senses...we don't have any way to prove otherwise, they're all gone now. Again, from the picture in the article we have a stone fossil, 5 to 10 cm long. Nothing is said about cross-sections revealing a brain and it would be highly improbable to be able to tell how developed a nervous system it had, much less a central nervous system. Language which is so strong about something which I so difficult to prove
  13. Skippy

    Misfit fossil

    pssst... you must not have been reading the "is Evolution a Religion" thread.
  14. Skippy

    Misfit fossil

    Looks like a flounder to me. The picture you show is an artist's depiction of what they think it looked like. The fossil in the article looks exactly like a flounder. The language used to describe it is suspicious, "It also had well developed senses.." How do they determine that from a rock? That language implies much is known about these creatures, yet "...it was first described in 1979..." and they still cannot place it as a mollusc or an arthropod. Makes one wonder...
  15. "Passion Play slander"??????? How can telling the story which is written in the Gospels be considered slanderous? Jews admit that Jesus lived, you even say as much. They also will admit to putting Him to death for blasphemy or "rabble rousing" I think is how you put it. As long as the play shows Jews killing Jesus for those things, where's the slander? Hitler may have been in a Catholic church as a child, but he was no Christian...in fact his followers were "encouraged" to be anti-religious. It would be better to point to the Crusades and some of the wrongs those men did...but then again, it
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