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  1. I can hardly disagree with this, but the question I have what does this have to do with the thread? The clocks on the moving frame are assumed synchronized and moving as "one". Geistkiesel
  2. I do not ask for blind acceptance of anything, in fact I demand the opposite: Scierntific analysis. Of your responses here there is not one scintilla of scientific content that is observable. Youy put the onus on me personally, that iot is me that is under scrutiny, which conveniently moves the discussion away from the analysis of the post. Is this your scientific method here? Is this the moferator's function on this forum?. You should read before you write sir. The post we are discussing was not challenged by anything other than belief in SRT. The details of the post are unaffected by ref
  3. I can assume that the resurrection uis not a matter of historical or scientific proof, rather it is a matter of belief in you case. Is this a correct assessment? The marriage of J does not perturb Jesus' position as a divinity, at least as I see it. J, being referred to as 'Rabbi' would have been seriously questioned, looked at, scrutinized with suspicion, had he not been married as was the custom at the time. The marriage celebration described must have been jesus' wedding. Who is responsible for providing the wine at these events? The groom. Who but a principal at the wedding would b
  4. Will, If the term, "Sagnac" biothers you then don't use the word. Look at the system and judge it on its own merits.Likewise, if you look closely you will see that there is no use of "L". It is the photons motion doing virtuallhy all the "measurements" here. This is an exercise in velocity analysis of photon activity. You say two observers using your "L" get different results. There is no meaured L here. What about the times of arrival of the moving phiotons at L and R and mP? I do not understand your use of 'observer' here. When the lights are emitted from a point that point is spec
  5. No Will, the physical frame moves wrt P that is and is not invariant. Look at it from the stationary frame3 and you will see what I mean. Google on Sagnac effect for a plethora of Sagnac descriptions. AE even suggested that "rotating frame" be unwrapped into a linear mode. Think about it Will, at what angle does rotating, or circular stop and linear begin? It certainy isn't a "delta function' interface. I don't understand what youmean by "what is frame invariant is l/L?" Thanks for the comments. Geistkiesel
  6. Here you are in error Jay-qu. Using a linear Sagnac effect device an absolute invariant point in space can determined with trivial ease. Using three postulates of light only the eternally invariant point P is defined. The speed of light is constant.The motion of light is isotropic (light moves in a straight line until acted upon by an external force).The motion of light is independent of the motion of the source of the light. The figure below is not difficult to nterpret. The Sagnac effect device moving to the right with an as yet unknown velocity v (wrt point P), emits two photons, L
  7. Oh, yes don't consider this a punishment? What the hell is that supposed to mean? What did you do regarding Uncle Al who has only used insulting and derisive words in responding to my posts? Chastisement? You with your new found seat of power now decide to weild your whip. Enjoy your position sir, I see that this is exactly what you have been seeking for a long time. Now you get to determine what is scientifically correct, not using the cioentific method, debate, discusssion, exchange of ideas, hell no, that is too bulky a system and besides, the average reader wouldn't undersdstand, would
  8. Yes, if J was crucified and arose again, this would have some interesting implications. Even more significant would be that J wasn't crucified. The evidence speaks overwhelmingly to the latter here. If you look at the the four books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John you see that Pilate declared J innocent of any crimes (in one of the books, Pilate even ordered J released after a "chastisement".), certainly innocent of any crimes against Rome , which was his only concern. Pilate was supposedly intimidated by the crowd screaming for J's death as they wanted Pilate to execute J for them. The reas
  9. BioCh, Certainly there is no direct reference to the alien connection, but matters such a s Sumerian texts (clay), the unexplained acceleration of Sumaria, the "accelerated punctuated equilibria" of humans (what was the estimated acceleration of mankind from the scientific point of view? Was this not too extreme to be considered "puntuated equilibria"?);. Neandrathalls (the other short existent race name escapes me, European?); Annunnaki (Those who from heaven came to earth); The gaza pyramids; E.DIN (Hpme of the Righteous ones); En.KI (Lord of the Earth); Marduk; Epic of Gilgamesh (and
  10. Biochemist, Are yopu referring to some claim from myself of ancient Greek and/or Hebrew? I certainly have made no claims save a working knowledge of English, more than a little German and Spanish, a little French anda c0ouple of words in Sanskrit. I have no control now over what translators have carved form original copies, but the story does not turn significantly on interopretations that I consider at face vaklue to be the literal truth. My analysis may change thngs significantly, or slightly, but I am comfortable with my current understanding of what went down in the Garden so long ago.
  11. Damo2600, Has it ocured to you there are some in this forum with the assigned task of defending Special relativity Theory? I had a dream last night that this is exactly what has happened. I really enjoy the attention don't you? Here is one for you to consider: 1.There is a train 300,000 km long moving at 1/2 the speed of light with a target located on the front end. On the embankment there is a light source with a target 300,000 km away. Just as the rear of the train is alongside the light source on the embankment a pulse of light is emitted in the direction of both targets. Special r
  12. Biochemist, I may have written my post with a lack of total clarity. If you read the post as a unit , then genesis 6:7 is merely a glimpse , but a very sustained and clear glimpse, into the nature of the biblically described God, or Jehovah. There is the assumption that God is one of a group of biological peers and for whatever reason the decision was made to wipe the slate clean Jehovah needs a 'dream team' to defend his case here, especially when the Deuteronomy passages are included. Remember, these are just two examples of how god operates, The language describing his/her activities is cl
  13. I would like to suggest that Genesis, for one is but a fragment of an expanded story written in clay tablets of the Sumarian Civilization, some 5000 yrears BC. I suspect that Skippy will not budge much friom his statement in the post above. I say this as a matter of experience when discussing the bible with those who would say something strongly like "the author was God". I may bne wrong, but it makes little difference here and now. I have been reading the bible seriously the past few years and am doing so by taking the written words in their literal sense. I am not claiming any expertise,
  14. Qfwfq, Thanks Q. Again I mean nothing more than it is impossible for the two clocks to simultaneously (as wehn passing noso to nose) both measure lower than the other, especially in the sense where I attempted to make the copnditions exactly symmetrical. The muon decay times is another problem and for a while i was stuck in a rut. Then there came a litttle bird whispering in my ear. The muons are not generated in open space. Rather they are generated in the atmosphere and have a 1/2 life of 1.56 micro seconds (or 2 micro seconds by some accounts). If an observer at 2000 meters , for instan
  15. . Here it is. Two photons are emitted in opposite directions from the midpoint of and in the direction of, clock/detectors, L and R, located at the exterme ends of a moving (wrt the embankment) frame of reference. From the postulates of light that 1. guarantee the independent motion of light (independent offrom the motion of the source of the light), 2, the constant speed of light and 3. the isotropic motion of the light (straight line trajectory) we we immediately that the point of emission is not only physically defined by the emitted photons but is also not moving. The physical devic
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