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  1. thanks you guys! my tower was tested last week and it held all of the 15 kg :) i was a little paranoid about it breaking, so i put some extra glue that i didn't need so my tower ended up being a just a tiny bit heavier than i would've wanted haha
  2. oh goshh haha that looks hard. i've already started to build it and it's taking so long :thumbs_up and lots of superglue stuck to my hands haha
  3. how is this instead? my teacher said to have around 6 cross braces.
  4. the bottom base is 20 cm and the top line is 3.5 cm. the long line going down the center is 35 cm and the sides are about 36.5 cm. this is my blue print so far, but i was wondering how to do the cross bracing so that it has a high efficiency. any help please?
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