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  1. well Lawcat first let me apoligize. I'm writing between calls. I thjought you used this from Wikapieia Thermal energy storage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "When electricity is needed, the hot salt is pumped to a conventional steam-generator to produce superheated steam for a turbine/generator as used in any conventional coal, oil or nuclear power plant. A 100-megawatt turbine would need tanks of about 30 feet (9.1 m) tall and 80 feet (24 m) in diameter to drive it for four hours by this design." Thisis the one I used and was trying to confirm. That is where I got my numbers. All
  2. Thanks Freeztar, That is absolulutly right. So that gives us 16 hours which makes us profitable. Add in carbon credits and that is another revenue stream. FaceBook is just barely starting to make money. I'm submitting a propsal to the DOE to try and raise funding while looking for investors. I orginally thought that 10 solar concentrators would do the trick but it appears I need 200 based upon the 1980 design I have. I think with a little rework we can reduce that but need the money to hire the engineers. Freeztar every body else I really do appreciate all of the help. If someone co
  3. Thats funny. But seriously in AZ the sun shines 300 days a year about and average of 12 hours a day. The problem as everyong knows is the extra 12 hours and 65 days. They came up with a storage using molten salt that has been around a long time that started with nuke. It is actually a better system then was and is used ( as read in a articule) but it won out based upon industry wanting it to versus better. Anybody remember Beta, VHS? Beta was better but????? Or most recently HD versus Blu Ray. Blu ray is better. Baseed upon my research Tower is better than trough. Sterling and PV ar
  4. This has aready been done. Generating 100 Mega watts. I just divided by 10. I have done my research and have a partial understanding. The questions I ask is because I need the answer not to waste time. This is an attemp to put a theroy into practise to make money yes but also the Save the Environment Save the Earth. here is an excerpt, Molten salt can be employed as a heat store to retain heat collected by a solar tower or solar trough so that it can be used to generate electricity in bad weather or at night. It was demonstrated in the Solar Two project from 1995-1999. The system is pr
  5. Thank Freeztar and Lawcat, The molten salt is at 1050f already and yes the storage loses less than 1% in 30 days in a day it lose almost no heat, The salt will be reheated every 4 hours. I thought that the heat exchanger took the heat from the salt and flashed steamed the water? From what I have read the salt is down to about a temp of 550f after generating the steam.
  6. The question is will 12,100 pounds of molten salt at a temperature of 1050 stored in a 3’ by 8’ storage tank run through a heat exchanger generate enough steam to run this generator for 4 hours? If not then how much will be needed? 444 Carpenter Avenue P.O. Box 427 Wheeling, IL 60090-0427 Phone 847-541-5600 FAX 847-541-1279 Toll Free 800-704-2002 FOR SALE 7500KW (9375KVA) GENERAL ELECTRIC NON-CONDENSING AUTO-EXTRACTION STEAM TURBINE GENERATOR UNIT 850PSIG @ 825°F W/150PSIG #A.E 50PSIG B.P. 3/60/4160V. 3600RPM 1959 TURBINE Capacity 7500 KW
  7. I hope I'm not breaking any rules but I'm trying to get help on a CSP Molten Salt Tower I have a design in my head for. My partner and I have been working on this since Sept. I beileve we can build a plant for less than $2 million where I have had estimates of $ 6 to 12 million. I am not an engineer which is why Im here trying to get some questions answered. If we are right by bringing down the cost and running it 24 hours a day 7 days a week with up to a 95% uptime. In answer to your questions about the Nuclear system once the money that was spent to develop the nuke tech yes. With ou
  8. There have been great advances in sterling engines that can be placed on rooftops. Each one can produce like 25 khw. Sterling is the name of the company and they have been working with Sandia a govt sponsered lab.
  9. Here is a link to the govt sandia lab Sandia National Laboratories: Site Title: Page Title I have gotten most of my info there but also others sources. At work will type more tonight.
  10. Hi Freeztar It is salt peter which is 60% nitrate 40 % something else but commonly refered to as salt peter. The temp is 1050f I have spent about 3 months researching the topic but certain things I cant find. I have seen references to how big the storage tanks, how many gallons of salt and calculators for watts to BTU to calculate heat on liquids which is times 3.413 but not enough to calualte what I need so here I am. I get a lot of funny remarks from people like Buffy but no real help. This is the second science help site I'm at and your are the first person to actually provide a di
  11. Of course not. However people say it can only run when the sun is out have already been proven wrong with molten salt Buffy. I have worked in a 10% downtime. But can you help with the real engineering? Like how long will it take 200 hundred arrays generating 20,000 watts each take to heat up 12,100 pounds of salt peter? That is the kind of help I need.
  12. I'm not an engineer. I came up with a CSP plant that will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After researching on the internet everthing from solar one to sandia there are stil alot of hard facts that need to be worked out. First, will 12,100 pounds of molten salt be enough to generate enough steam to run a 6000 kilo watt steam turbine generator?
  13. Can anybody help me with questions about CSP using molten salt with a 6000 kilo watt steam turbine generator
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