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  1. I guess that makes sense. I'm not a network engineer, I just write the code to use the network. :) @C1ay: I didn't see any modulo division being used in the provess of calculating subnet address allocations and netmasks. Yet I assume that you linked to that page for some reason. :eek:
  2. Hmm, I tried to provide an option to say that they don't agree at all, that they think it is a perception, or that they agree. What do you think a good answer would be? For reference the question: What would be your ideal answer to the question. I don't really know if the "notion" is correct. As I said earlier I am investigating work done by Danah Boyd suggesting that MySpace and Facebook are becoming divided along socioeconomic boundaries. Interestingly what I've seen so far from demographics measurement websites such as Quancast would back that up. I'm interested, however, in wh
  3. I messed around with modulo division for a while after reading Bruce Schneiers "Applied Cryptography". I can't see what a network engineer would use modulo division for, but at least it is another concept to add to your mental toolbox.
  4. This is a more detailed description of the sociology study that I mentioned in my introductory forum thread. Basically I am enrolled in an undergraduate sociology course that I am taking as part of a two year degree in web development. I'm fortunate to have an amazing sociology professor and part of the course involves giving each student the chance to complete a small scale independent sociology study. For my study I have chosen to investigate social networks and their demographics and preference patterns. The study was originally motivated by Danah Boyd's controversial talk about how s
  5. Sorry, I should have specified that in my original post. Didn't mean to mislead you.
  6. I believe that the "Galactic Suite's" ramp launch system just takes the place of the first stage. The shuttle itself still has rockets. But this does make me wonder about whether or not it is feasible from an acceleration point of view.
  7. Why didn't I think of that! I think it was the Bible quote (account of Abraham) that threw me off track. :)
  8. Did you notice in the original article the price for this "fishy Auschwitz"? $6500 USD. :naughty:
  9. Very fascinating article! I can relate to its point very closely. I was homeschooled when I was young and the focus of my learning was on actually understanding the material and the relationships between different subjects. Now that I am in college I find that most tests are aimed at memorizing a database of facts. Having trained myself to focus on understanding and the ability to create results I find memorizing arbitrary data to be much harder. I can create solutions (solve Calculus problems, write computer programs) but I can't always remember the details (the names of algorithms, spe
  10. Make the pull back wind motion geared up so that just pulling it back a little way charges a really long rubber band. With such a system you can probably meet the distance requirement quite easily. A flywheel might be good too, though on second though, charging the flywheel with a rubber band would probably be a waste of energy.
  11. It seems to me to be ironic that the US is getting rid of its space program even as crazy people like these are planning a space program: galactic suite The site shows their interesting take on a shuttle launch. (In the image gallery) Rather than using a booster rocket it looks like they are going to use a maglev track ramp to propel the rocket to escape velocity. Personally I don't think these guys will ever be able to pull this project off. But who knows?
  12. I may seem ignorant but I didn't understand what all the poetry quotes have to do with 11-11-11? :naughty:
  13. Its official--a fairly major amount of water has been found on the moon: SPACE.com -- It's Official: Water Found on the Moon http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/14/science/14moon.html According to the article Anthony Colaprete said: “And we didn’t find just a little bit. We found a significant amount.” Apparently a "significant amount" means 26 gallons. The article hinted that this makes the moon a much more interesting place. How do you think this discovery will do in the long run? Will it really make a space base feasible?
  14. I think there are many different ways of defining truth. You could look at it in a purely scientific viewpoint: "Truth is the opposite of falsehood." However, in real practice I don't think math can explain truth because truth is influenced by people's perceptions and beliefs.
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