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  1. Australian PAPER - preprint Manuscript available for review. In 2001 Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg asserted that: 1) the Egyptian glyph called the ‘sun-disc’, and numbered N5 by Sir Alan Gardiner, was a representation of a compact disk and not of the Sun; 2) hidden beneath the traditional interpretation and religioustranslation of Egyptian glyphs were accounts of computer technology. In response, here an examination of one hundred and twenty eight glyphs from the entire first three columns of the Papyrus of Ani was undertaken. The objectives were to: find the description o
  2. Questions with Answers generated elsewhere by this study True. That is sometimes the case. But when the same reference books as used by most ‘experts’ are employed, and the glyphs checked, and substituted glyphs have obviously been used and thus given an incorrect translation and context, then I prefer to go by what the originally depicted glyphs represented and said, and not just accept what some ‘expert’ chose it to mean after he/she had guessed as to what the scribe Ani was trying to describe. I may have answered this better elsewhere - when this question was asked… That’s what
  3. UPDATE 24th July 2010 Due to many comments and questions regarding the given example* of ‘Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict Computer Technology’, more information is now provided before you attempt the on-line DOOPArt evaluation. * An Explanation of the specific 6 glyphs and their Context is given. See ‘Explanation and Context of these Egyptian glyphs’ link via : DOOPArts...2 Videos introduce where Computer Technology is Documented in Ancient Texts...Conduct your own Evaluation...
  4. UPDATE: June 2010 Five videos now introduce and show what type of computer technology and which cd-roms (ie. DOOPArts) has been documented and depicted by people in ancient times. Link: Computer Technology found Documented in Ancient Texts....Ancient Texts REVEAL their SECRETS...2 Videos Reveal Ancient Secrets After viewing them, you may wish to conduct the on-line Evaluation session as mentioned in the OP.
  5. Some people seem to be not understanding or are missing the point of this evaluation session. HISTORY: 1. Ronald Pegg made an observation regarding an ancient text and modern cd-rom pictures. . 2. Ronald Pegg investigated 20 more ancient texts, and made associated observations regarding those ancient texts and pictures from a modern cd-rom. . 3. He proposed an hypothesis - “The documented accounts in certain ancient texts known as prophetic 'dreams' or 'visions' are about the contents and pictures from the 1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean multi-media cd-rom”. . 4. He asserted
  6. Some results so far Whether pictures match ancient descriptions as a percentage, where 0-30 is NO, >30-50 is probably not, >50-75 is MAYBE, >75-85 is probably, and >85 to 100 is YES. Results from 12 Evaluation Sessions nil: 0 - 30 2 : >30 - 50 4 : >50 - 75 4 : >75 - 85 2 : >85 - 100 -- 12 in total Average is 67.71 percent, which means it is more than a coincidence. For these figures to actually be relevant, we need another series of evaluations by at least a 100 people to provide a better overall summary of opinions. Can you help ? Can you spare the time to
  7. Who took back the original obsolete technology and why ? Based upon ten years of research, this is how I see it. >-- 1. For some reason, someone, with a set of cd-roms and a computer, went back to the ancient Middle East (ca. 3114BCE), and gave a show & tell. Reasoning/evidence - Akkadian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, and Egyptian legends (and hieroglyphs) describe (and depict) contents of the cd-roms. 1.b. Result – ancient religions with multiple gods. 2. Someone, then went back again (ca. 1450BCE) to say to the locals “whoops, your religions are wrong because they are based upon th
  8. RE: “You still don't have an explanation for why the obsolete CD-ROM format was used to begin with.” Well, I actually have explained it to the best of my ability. It may be that you do not accept my explanations, or the context and reasons for the time travel back-steps allude you at this time. I have told you nearly everything I know. RE: “To a time traveler a flash drive is probably as ancient as a stone tablet is to us or are trying to say the time travelers come from a time close to ours?” You pose your own opinions based upon your own suppositions as questions. At this point of t
  9. RE: “Ok, lets assume you are correct, why would some future time traveler take an out dated piece of technology back in time with them? Why wouldn't they take a flash drive or something we dont' even know about? A flash drive makes much more sense than a CD-ROM.” I agree that a flash drive makes more sense (to us) but there was a reason. Here are answers to previous questions that should answer your question. Why did 'time messengers' keep taking back the same computer and cd-roms to the past ? The computer and cd-roms were the means by which certain information, particularly pictures,
  10. NO. The ‘bullock’ is not a dog but actually a She-Wolf. This is stated on one of the cd-rom’s HELP pages. So sorry, YOUR incorrect opinion on just ONE of the many exact matches doesn’t void the presentations, nor does it make anything else ‘suffer’. BTW, I do not know why different cultures described the She-Wolf and the Capital icons in different ways. You obviously didn’t go to the conclusion page after the 10 evaluation pages, but you are not the first. So here, just for you… Others have phrased your doubt in this way: “I don’t see how this can be purported to be evidence of anyth
  11. Moderation Note: Moved to Strange Claims For many years, claims of ‘Evidence of Time Travel being found by the Australian researcher Ronald Pegg’ have been circulating around the internet. He claimed to have found descriptions in ancient texts that match to the contents of a certain 1995 produced multi-media compact disk. This would mean that somehow, modern technology was taken back in time for ancient people to view. It is asserted that “The documented accounts in certain ancient texts known as prophetic 'dreams' or 'visions' are about the contents and pictures from the 1995 Ancient Ci
  12. PPHC-SG presents a new report regarding the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel chapters 1-4, 8, 9, 40, & 41. From 8 Chapters (involving 104 verses), 198 descriptions by Ezekiel have been found to match the imagery from the Ancients cd-rom. LINK to ‘Examine Ancient Texts for Evidence of Time Travel’ website Three more major reports will be made available from mid June 2008: - Egyptian texts, hieroglyphs, and stories about their Gods. - Plato's Critias and Timaeus dialogues: The legend of Atlantis. - Sumerian Clay Tablet stories by the scribe Endubsar.
  13. One set of matching details could just be a coincidence, and could be the result of the makers of the cd-rom using one particular set of ancient descriptions. But over eight ancient sets of details matching is beyond a coincidence. The same set of descriptions turn up in many ancient stories where most are associated with a messenger turning up in a bright light (or 'dream') carrying a stone of testimony (aka. wheel, tablet, plate, or disc) which tells of future things and provides 'visions'. These extra associated characteristics indicate that the same source was viewed by all the ancient w
  14. Please be advised that 8 preliminary results are now available for viewing. The Study Criterion was completed and initial examination of selected texts undertaken. Pegg's 'Descriptive' Theory To test Pegg's theory we need to conduct a REALITY-CHECK to see if it is true for all, many, some, or no ancient texts. To do this we need to use 'If-Then' logic, and PREDICT what will happen when Pegg's theory is applied to other ancient texts. We then need to conduct EXPERIMENTS and OBSERVE what happens. If-Then Prediction In relation to the cited texts, IF the theory is correct, THEN we will
  15. Please be advised that a draft SEARCH CRITERION is now available for viewing along with HOW Texts have been selected for examination. Your suggested amendments and/or comments are welcomed. LINK to Search for Evidence of Time Travel website EXPERIMENTS will soon be conducted to TEST Ronald Pegg’s theory regarding ‘Evidence of Time Travel being documented in Ancient Texts’.
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