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  1. If the Curie's had not done it someone else would. I am ashamed of our use of non willing test subjects for experiments which was only vilified when Mengler did it but accepted by our government as ok. Nothing is completely safe, you can choke to death eating a pizza, people have survived long ocean voyages in tiny leaky boats while the unsinkable Titanic did not complete one. The amount of danger we face in the search of truth is worth the risk when compared with living under the tyrany of delusion or someone else's truth.
  2. The Curies both died from radiation exposure but gave us the foundation of our knowledge of the properties of these elements. Chose your battles, if you aren't willing to die for what you believe you most likely aren't willing to live for them either. Make sure what you believe is true and not just someone else's dogma. If you aren't passionate, check your pulse!
  3. Falling 25 feet onto my head is not the best way to remove mental spam. I continue to question everything people tell me and don't accept the limits of others. But I do hope to learn from others mistakes and not make them myself. Many advances are made by persons willing to risk the impossible. I think there is a delicate balance between foolish risks and wise choices. If I'm convinced something is impossible I'm not going to try it.
  4. Sorry but humility was the most difficult part of perfection for me to master.
  5. You clean the outside of the cup but inside you are full of all uncleanness. What yor neighbors have to say about you has no effect on your standing before God. A lot of people the world think are wonderful will hear Jesus say "I never knew you" Only God can clean our insides and make us presentable in his presence. Love covers a multitude of sins, this is the only outer activity we can imbrace to help cover our failings. All our endeavors should be to know Him and let Him teach us how to love others. Both Rahab and Lot had serious moral failings yet they took in strangers, this is what saved
  6. I don't want to lable anyone as stupid or silly because they don't share my piont of view. I do want others to think about what their hearts really crave and to weigh if their beliefs really satisfy that craving. If I spread out my hands and flew over the treetops and canyons like an eagle I would not concider the need to understand how I was able to do such a thing as that important. As Peter got out of the boat and walked on water towards Jesus he did well until he started to look at the tossing waves and realized he was doing something impossible, he began to sink. I read some of the posts
  7. Let me try to make clear the fact that I am not angry with anyone. To the contrary I am able to open my heart to people who used to make me feel very threatened. I am not afraid of what man can do to me so I no long need to defend myself. I ask myself retorical questions and when I see things that control my thinking and limit me I try to stop holding on to them. Maybe my writing style is not effective and my poetry is limp but I don't write for other peoples approval, I write because words overflow in my heart and I find gratification putting them down to be read. I am an enemy of any form of
  8. Someone asks a question and gets labled as narrow minded or heritical. for many centuries people in power held the puplic under their power and even killed those who dared question them. As I have asked some questions on science forums I've repeatedly gotten accused of being unscientific. It is my belief that the most important aspect of sciece is to ask questions. When we fear the possible answer might offend us and put limits on what answers we will accept. If the best answer to questions is ridicule I begin to suspect the strength of the arguments. "My pencils out last their erasers" Tolsto
  9. How did God use very flawed humans to write a book that shows his heart to a lost world. The Bible is not a Word Perfect document, and from a critical view appears to have many errors. As I read it, much of it leaves me very confused, but none of it has ever been proved false. Man cannot thwart the will of God no matter how hard he tries, because God know eternity from start to end and does nothing experimently. The deciples were impressed by the temple and marveled at it but Jesus said "not one stone will be left upon another". In AD 70 when Jerusalem was destroyed the temple was accidently b
  10. Why are my qestions called "lashing out". In 1983 while in the Marines I did lash out at the murder of 165 marines in Beruit by the USMC. They told me to shut up and I answered with a threat to blow them up, I'd just finished EOD training. This got me escorted to the gate and handed walking papers, ending my carear as a Marine. My name is now on FBI lists as a psycotic and I used to watch them park at the top of my driveway and eat donuts while searching for the Unibomber in the 90's. This rage at our betrayal by the Corps ate at me for decades. Doctors gave me drugs to deal with depression an
  11. Jesus spoke against the established system of religion in his day. A system based on power and the need to maintain that position. People set themselves up as having special access to God. Jesus said, "I've come to call the sick to repentance." As we struggle to prove our christianity to the world it is Jesus we must show it to. Paul is not the one who decides if we enter heaven and saint Peter is not the one guarding the pearly gates. We will stand before Christ only on the merits of rather he knows us or not. As for our sins, they only destroy our lives and lead us to hide from God. If we la
  12. I don't hate science at all, I just don't see science as offering the answers that can make my life work. Science has studied my mental illness and changes its diagnosis every year or two. The answer is found in Frued or maybe Jung as we attempt to disect the human soul and figure out how to solve the problems of a life in chaos. Someone with bipolar issues living a life of mountian top to deep valley emotions and along comes science with the offer to move them to Kansas. A little chemical nutering and crazy people no longer offend the public. Math, engineering, and the pure sciences that are
  13. How do you know atoms exist, have you ever seen one? Some respected scientists formed the theroy and it seemed to make sense, we accept it as fact on someone elses word. Atoms and most things of science do not chalange our hearts and demand we change. Many people would judge god for creating hell but concider that hell just might be a place where god chooses to leave people alone who don't want him messing with them while they are alive. Show me all the accomplishments of man and I'll show you a long history of disasters. Everything he makes fails, he cures a disease and a worse one comes alon
  14. I like to read different translations through on a regular basis. I just finished an English/Hebrew translation that was written from back to front. This was only an old testiment and had no Christian bias. Each time I read the Bible I get more out of it. Right now I'm reading a Catholic new tesimant. The New Americain, some of the liner notes are biased with refrences to Mary remaining virgin her whole life etc. I think Christ can save people out of any of mans little doctrines if they will read his word and let it sink in. We all love to read the parts that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside
  15. In the time of Jesus, many scholors studied the scriptures and thought they had the messia figured out. In the gospels, only the old man who prophecied as Jesus was dedicated in the temple saw that he would suffer. The link on gnostics holds some level of truth but how do we become knowing. Jesus said "you will know the truth and the truth will make you free" but how do we learn these truths? In 1 John 3 it says "now are we the sons of God and it doesn't yet appear whgat we shall be but we know that when He shall appear we will be like him because WE WILL SEE HIM AS HE IS" I think our whole pr
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