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  1. Universal expansion should be regarded as unity (external expansion equals internal expansion) with respect to any single frame of reference.
  2. What about a theory of envelopment, whereby energy is never lost relative to the stage but energy does transfer between the actors relative to their spectrums[!] of existence (beginning and end?) Mutual concepts shall we say between relative perspectives? Beyond reason, inverting into existence by sheer might of the first law.
  3. Bless the DIMEBAG BIOTCH!! YouTube - Damageplan - **** You http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvnsZ2jfjYc
  4. Quantization is the wake of the expanding universe, entropy is the horizon.
  5. Everyone is at the center of her own universe, you see it as you see it... no more no less bro.
  6. Ah, put a *cork* in it. You are all that you can reach. :coffee_n_pc: And we exist merely because [an]others can reach *it* also.
  7. Dimensions unfold around us and contract within, hyperbole times movement (entropy/quantization.)
  8. The difference between reality and interaction is perpetually accelerated chaos (reciprocal uncertainty.)
  9. Now that I've got your attention, it will never be the same.
  10. YouTube - Megadeth Hook In Mouth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhGK1z36veo
  11. No more war. No more hate. Only pain. Only hope. Only togetherness. Goodbye. Sealed in a bottle. With a cork.
  12. The end point of any one entity born from the chaotic vacuum is reciprocation, and entropy is toward relatively internal influence along the vector of causality.
  13. One becomes a man when he forgets how to be a boy, but no energy is lost from any relative perspective, so he then becomes his own child to bear.
  14. Peace on earth. Good will towards men. Love the women. :phones:
  15. YouTube - Pantera - The Sleep http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axzRdFOYpqg
  16. Nope. I am not. lol Hey, no retractions 'round here. Got it? =|
  17. 'with the times' am I correct. =_
  18. It would probably take as much energy as accelerating a yardstick to the speed of light, no?
  19. I wonder about influence? What would drive them?
  20. Every dollar, son, tells a story about how you earned it, just like every word tells a story about how you heard it. -- ANony
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