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  1. Why is BB wrong? Who are the people unwilling to abandon the BB? what are its faults(off course it can't explain before BB itself) and unproven ideas? It will be really interesting to know if you have your/other's own theories which make sense. But it should agree with the observed facts.
  2. This i understand now only after understanding THEORY of RELATIVITY(Einstein's gravity i.e bending of space time). If there is lot of mass it means more gravity and because of Einstein's explanation of gravity, as bending of space, which states that gravity exerts equal force on all directions and so that its effect is always to attract matter towards the center of that body and when the gravity is strong enough it shapes the body to a sphere. That is why almost all planets are almost perfect spheres which have very strong gravity and all asteroids have irregular shapes as they have less gra
  3. I have already replied in an earlier post where i misunderstood both Nonsensical and qualification terms used. Didn't mean to be rude in reply as i was just joking "whether i need a Phd".If offended in anyway i apologize.
  4. I mistook the question wrt definition of NONSENSICAL. But still your post made it clear maddog meant non sensical differently while i interpreted it with its literal meaning. Sorry if i have offended anybody in anyway wrt my earlier post.
  5. What kind of qualification do i need to ask questions... PHD in Astrophysics???? :D This is a place where we discuss sense or non sense questions with proof. The subject of "Universe from Nothing" is a theory by Theoretical physicist. So he must be asked whether its a question with any sensible qualification :D I may sound a bit odd with this reply, but it wasn't some non sensible questions by some ignorant person but a theory proposed by an Theoretical Physicist, his name is Lawrence Krauss. My link
  6. I wouldn't have asked the question if i knew. :D :D The rest of the part is ,IDK, is confusing.
  7. Can you tell me what exists outside space? Can you tell me about such a place or thing because i am sensing you know answers :D
  8. The idea is from Lawrence Krauss a theoretical physicist. And he is one heck of an atheist and hence doesn't believe in creationist idea. Also CREATIONIST people need god and i have never heard creationist people say universe came from nothing, but have heard quiet a few from SCIENTIFIC community who say Universe came from nothing. I may not be a physicist or from scientific background but Universe came from nothing is simply tasteless. I have a Video to a link where in a conference/seminar/discussion(i don't know what exactly it was) where Krauss explains his idea of Universe from nothingnes
  9. Is there any possibility or at least any sort of smallest evidence that the universe started from nothing and came into being everything. It is simply impossible for me to think the existence of something from nothingness. If there is some sort of proof it may enhance my understanding of nothingness's definition and its truth.
  10. Are there any observed(measured) scientific evidences for dark matter that they exist? Is invoking the Dark Matter just to explain the rotation of the stars at the edge of galaxy a good scientific idea?
  11. No problem CraigD. I too posted something before knowing they have been moved not deleted and have edited that posting. My apology. :)
  12. What could turn into self fulfilling prophecy????? Yes stock market is vulnerable to group psycology more like herd psycology. Stock markets can't be manipulated by groups as 99% of the group loose money in stock market.
  13. WOW, All my Posts supporting Fibonacci Golden Ratio somehow have disappeared or are not showing here. where are they gone??? well got angry and posted something. worked quiet a few times to post them thats why angry and posted here. admin/moderator should have given a link here that they have been posted somewhere else. Sorry for posting and i have edited this post.
  14. Here is chart of Dow Jones, see From 1987 important bottom(panic bottom) to 2000 important top (internet burst). These years are selected and substituted in your rewritten equation. [imath] y_0 = y * c + b [/imath] where y= 1.618 , b = 1987 , c= 2000 - b = 2000 - 1987 = 13 Sub the values in the above equation gives:: y_0 = 1.618 * 13 + 1987 y_0 = 2008 2007-08 was the financial Year when the markets hit the top and crashed more than 50%. All the important tops and bottoms of Dow Jones can be explained using Fibonacci time sequence as well. A very simple application of Fibonac
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