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  1. hokay, im not going to lie, i have to deliver on oral on this topic on wednesday, but im genuinly interested in the topic and would really love to take a new approach to the subject. a few things i would like to know: why do people act differently at face value compared to their true innerselves(oh what a horrible word, and anyway is there a real innerself at all? or is it just some physcological bullcrap we find easy to believe?). ive heard breifly of a bhuddist teaching that in order to reach true enlightenment ones innerself and outerself must be one. anyone have anymore to say about tha
  2. please tell me someone has at least an inklining of an idea of how to solve the inter-spectrum argument. the inter-spectrum argument being how do i know that you see the same blue that i see?
  3. the theory: i play a game with you. i present you with two boxes. i say to you that in one of the boxes is an unexpected egg (you will see what this means in a second), the only rule of the game is that you must look at the boxes in chronological order. so now you think, well it cant b in box two, because if you opened box one and nothing was in it then you would know for sure that the egg was in box 2, thus making the egg expected, hence the egg must be put in box 1 in order to be unexpected, thus making it obvious that the egg has to be in box 1, therefore th egg loses its unexpectedness. we
  4. hey. so i was stuck on a multiple choice question during an afrikaans exam yesterday and i had absolutely no idea about the answer so i employed the monty hall game show logic to help me get the answer. there were four possible answers: A B C D so i wrote down each letter on an equally sized piece of paper, shuffeled the papers around in my hands a bit and took an answr out at random. this answer had a 3 in 4 chance of being the incorrect answer (75%) sure that the answer was wrong. now i three answers left. i shuffled them and took another at ranom. this one had a 66.6% cha
  5. so i wanted to know what gravity was. nothing really came up that i could get suckered into believing, so i deceided to try make my own little theory. im busy studying newton's laws in physics and the one thing that seems clear is that the fundamental law of the universe is that no object will move or stop moving without a force being applied to it. For instance centrifugal force doesnt really seem like much of a force to me, its just a result of an object wanting to move in a straightline, we've just called it a force because its results look like a force. so from this i thought that, okay
  6. hey. so i heard someone say that einstein considered gravity not to be a force but actually time dialation. ive been thinking over it for a while and i think im on the right track but there still seems to be a lot of holes in my logic so can someone please clear this up for me. if you let go of a ball on earth it will fall to the ground. if you let go of a ball in space, inside a rocket that is travelling at a constant velocity, the ball will not move. if you let go of a ball in space, inside a rocket that is accelerating it will appear to "fall" or move in the opposite direction of the acce
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