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  1. A friend is thinking of buying a computer. Is Longhorn 64 bit & XP 32 bit? Therefore should he wait until Longhorn is released (sometime in 2006)? Would one recommend running Longhorn on a Athlon 64bit computer? Thanks for the advice KiZzI:shrug:
  2. I know you can die from Appendicitus (I've been lead to believe that a seed swallowed can get lodged in the appendix and cause Appendicitus). Also I know many people suffer with back pain (I've been lead to believe that the human spine wasn't designed for walking up right - hence all the back problems). So, what does Intelligent Design have to say about this? :hyper:
  3. My USB Floppy drive may be constructed from 1 Billion atoms but as far as I'm concerned (in the simulation) I don't need to know about 1 Billion atoms....All I'm concerned with is the shape, colour and dust on it, so perhaps I've just saved the simulation 10 Billion Bytes of data. Only if I work in CERN would the simulation need to have data on atoms for the simulated scientists. Or am I overlooking something????:eek2: KiZzI
  4. If they couldn't fast forward but had to wait 13 billion years (or whatever), this would be a serious deterence to running such simulations. KiZzI :hihi:
  5. Lets say that our reality is really a simulation designed by scientists in the real reality. The question is, would the scientists be able to fast forward from year 0 to say 13 billion years later (2006ad), whilst for those in the simulation it would seem everything is running at normal rate? (My guess is that the answer is yes but the 'computer(s)' that the simulation is running on would need the extra processing power to fast forward!) KiZzI :hihi:
  6. I didn't know where to post this so I stuck it here. The mir space station was a self sustaining 'capsule' wasn't it? With the state of the world and me's thinking the human race will not survive for too long, wouldn't it be a good idea if the Americans built a self sustaining 'capsule', somewhere hidden in America, permanently filled with enough humans/animals/plants, to repopulate the 'empty' planet after 'world war III'? KiZzi :Waldo:
  7. You are welcome, Universal Being. Kizzi :rainbow:
  8. Since there is a limited number of human genes (26 I think), then what is the probability of 2 babies that are not twins, sharing exactly the same genes? Kizzi:lol:
  9. Since there is a limited number of genes (26 I think), then what is the probability of 2 babies that are not twins, sharing exactly the same genes? Kizzi:lol:
  10. 1. We live in a cause/effect universe 2. Everything that exists has a cause 3. It's logically inconsistent to suggest that causes have always existed, since each cause would also have to be an effect. 4. Something eternal must exist.....'a prime mover' or 'uncaused first cause'. This something is God Kizzi Note. The above proof was taken from another discussion forum I just wanted to see what you think of the above! :lol:
  11. If one was clever enough, then perhaps one could devise a way of bringing oneself into existence! Kizzi:shrug:
  12. Has any of you heard about Fast Walker. A defence satellite looking for sources of heat (if I remember correctly) - it was the first line for detecting a nuclear attack. Well something moved in front of the satellite, coming in from outer space, and rather than being pulled in by Earth's Gravity, it curved around and went back into outer space - therefore it was under intelligent control. And if the American millitry are to be believed it had nothing to do with them. There's a print out of data concerning the Fast Walker event. http://www.nicap.dabsol.co.uk/walker.htm Kizzi :)
  13. Same as before A = 6, B = 12, C= 18, etc etc, Z = 156 M = 78 A = 6 R = 108 K = 66 O = 90 F = 36 B = 12 E = 30 A = 6 S = 114 T = 120 Total = 666 KiZzI :)
  14. A = 6, B=12, C=18, D=24, etc etc, z=156. C = 18 O = 90 M = 78 P = 96 U = 126 T = 120 E = 30 R = 108 Total = 666 KiZzI :evil:
  15. Apparently there is a 15 year old boy in nepal whose been meditating under a tree for the last 6 months. The articles I've read said he hasn't eaten or been to the toilet for 6 months! Some are calling him the New Buddha!!! He's now drawing the crowds as word gets around. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/11/21/wbuddha21.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/11/21/ixportal.html What do you all think? KiZzI :evil:
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