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    ok we were having a discussion in ancient history on god and my freind states this god needs faith to exist right so if he has faith then he exist and if he esist then he does not need faith therefore he does not need faith now it may be just me but he makes a big leap in there some where and i seem to have missed it any one want to help
  2. ok christens say god can hear everything and is everywere yes well there u go
  3. ok i belive that for those that honestly can't make enough moey to proved for them selfs should be assisted by the government, the politicians of the world also should have to donate to society (look at there paychecks) i also belive that what we call democracy is not really what it is-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life does not come on a silver platter. Successful, hard working people did not get that way because they are 'fortunate' well some of them did and some got lucky. but what really annoyes me is when a hard working person gets rip
  4. ok now people have heard of these questions what came fist the chicken or the egg or of a tree fall's in the forest does it make a sound if no one is around well i have another who is to blame for WWII hitler or the people who belived in him and fort for him trust me it just keeps goin backwards and forwards,oh yeah the answer is yes the tree still makes a sound(if u belive in god)
  5. the question though is it understanding that will help me or just some more useless knowledge
  6. ok tis is really not right that previos post was finished by my sis as i was in the shower and what i was trying to say was that if we are put on a designated path and set only to change the earth in a small way, where is the fun :xx: ) i would also then like to point out a few key figures 1.alexander the great 2.napolean 3.martin luther king 4.adolf hitler 5.albert einstein these 5 change the world in a ways that we still don't understand think about it
  7. ok then my definition is that what i started this forum made no sense to him as it lacked the ability to be easily understood
  8. so u are saying too that we are here on a predetermined path yeah yes but i do like you and want to go out with you
  9. ok sorry i was half a sleep last night i need help to write a literture review ( i have no idea on what one is) and i think i have to relate it to burning alcohols to raise the temp of water (highlight were i need to put a commer or stuff ok )
  10. ok i need to know what is to be included into a litutre reveiw, on burning alcohols to raise the temputure of water, :)
  11. u know like a shadow type thing
  12. ruin my fun :( ok so u can not see the exact objects, could one not phraps guess what is happining by the way the light would become broken by phraps something goin in front of the source
  13. ok thanks i guess, but what is this Socratic method and what does it do, is it usefull or did another crazy person make up
  14. i actually looked illucid up in the dictionary and well guess what not in there nor is it at that site u mentioned and when should i use these commer thingys :)
  15. yeah it is but aw well and by the way i have no idea on american history as it is not a covered topic but i belive that there are countries with a lot worse problems than south korea for example any country america has invaded under the pretense of the U.N come of it is a joke is it not
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