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  1. The whole Catholic organization should be referred to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) for crimes against humanity.
  2. Re: "Geocentrism is correct. The universe does infact revolve about the planet earth. Here's why." The whole thing is ABSURD! Over n Out!
  3. :) Vanakam, freeztar (Tamil for "greetings") Nandri (Thanks) for your 2 posts. "Have you eaten" as a greeting only applies in the physical world. It implies that if either one is hungry, the other will accompany them at least for a drink:tea: It's a form of bonding and it is no fun to do anything with hungry stomach anyway. Can't do it in Cyberworld. As the Frenchman in "The Matrix Reloaded" says, 'Who has time for such contrivances?' :bouquet:Much appreciate the info on Ubuntu Linux.:steering: I will download it, burn and run and see. I also have a copy of :spin:Windows 7 RC:spin: (Rele
  4. :steering: :) Salam, lemit (a Malaysian form of greeting), Ya, Viruses:ghost: and other malware:edevil: are the bane:sick: of the PC era, especially since Microsoft:joker: puts out such buggy:computerkick: software. Can you imagine buying a car and then having to patch it every other day? That is called a lemon:lemon: So we've to use lemon software because, by design and chance, it's the default:rant_red2: I've wanted to use Linux for years:daydreaming: but never got started on the learning:read: curve. I'm comfortable with DOS so I should be able to pick up on Linux:idea: right? Any comme
  5. Sorry. :doh: Yes the post was in response to the reply from: "The Black Alchemist SAVIOU... Err... EDITOR- Hypography Science Forums" :hihi: After struggling with the malware :evil: "adwarespy" the WWW dropped to about 35 kbps. :) So forgive my lack of manners in not addressing my post to "The Black Alchemist" "maaf" (Sorry in Malaysian Language.) Forgot it was a puplic place, so you won't know who I address even though I ;) So, "The Black Alchemist", I think I pray more when I'm on the Web than anywhere else. Thole (nuisance in Tamil) :Crunk: Murphy's Law you know. Just pick :Hap
  6. :Happy: Thanks. I've skimmed through and have a general idea. :) Will get on it wresltle it down. ;) Bye
  7. Undukalinya? Hope you're not surprised that I asked "Have you eaten?" It's actually a form of greeting among all (as far as I know) of the communities here. Shows where our priorities are. Food is one of the things which unites the all kinds of people in Malaysia. Actually my Malayalam is rusty from disuse. The common language amongst the people of Indian origin here is Tamil, even the Punjabis, Gujaratis, Telugans and Pakistanis. Even my muthima, who was born in Kerala and used to read and write in Malayalam, habitually spoke in Tamil. Anyway, English (or rather Manglish) is the preferred for
  8. I'm a citizen of Malaysia, a country in South East Asia. I'm of Indian origin from the state of Kerala. However, my people have been in this country for 3 generations. "Saya Anak Malaysia" (SAM). That's "I'm a Child of Malaysia" in the common Malaysian Language. "Salam" is a common word for "greetings" here and also in Northern India and the Middle East. It is related to the "Shalom" of Hebrew. I've wide ranging interests in matters related to Science n Tech, though my background is in Finance n Banking. I'm also handy with screwdriver, plier, solder iron...(you get the idea ) I always
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