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  1. Cold Creation The Ultimate Theory! zero religion. zero god. 100% physics. 100% natural. No new physics. One fundamental constant unearthed by Albert Einstein. One new law of nature that had been overlooked. Lambda = zero material creation is explained without a hot dense state. redshift is not a doppler effect. To construct an ultimate theory all that is needed is GR with lambda and its proper mechanism, QM, and the laws of thermodynamics. nothing more for now, but there's plenty where that came from... PS. Cold Creation is a 350 page book... stay tunned...
  2. Cold Creation The Essence of the Physical Universe and its Evolution in Time The Ultimate Theory Cold Creation theory is built on several themes: (1) The universe may not be expanding. (2) There was no beginning to the universe, or big bang event. (3) Matter was created otherwise than in a fierce initial episode. (4) Cosmic evolution is very different than previously thought. (5) Human consciousness, creativity and imagination are inextricably attached to the laws of nature, and can be rationalized in logical and consistent physical terms. Cold Creation theory (broadly outlined) is a wide
  3. Hello UncleAl, I beleive you are refering to the new cosmological constant. Einstein's had nothing to do with the repulsive acceleratory negative energy stress tensor based on the 1998 SN observations. Atomic nuclei, atoms, molecules, planetary orbits, galaxies, and clusters are observed to be very stable systems. And we have no reason to disbelieve the likelihood that the universe in its entirety is stable, and dependent on the same natural ubiquitous mechanism responsible for mediating stability on all scales: It has a name: Lambda, the cosmological constant. This is no parameter. Eins
  4. The Cosmological Constant: A Fundamental Constant Attached to a New Law of Nature Underlying the postulations held by the Cold Creation theory is the mechanism inherent in space responsible for generating stability between massive bodies called the cosmological constant and denoted by the term lambda. This mechanism is operational not just between planets and stars (at Lagrange points), but also between galaxies, galactic clusters, and most likely too, between particles, atoms, molecules and so on. This pristine law of nature effectually defines what is space, and is to be regarded as one o
  5. greetings from Coldcreation. Stay tuned!
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