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  1. This is a prediction of the big bang theory. General relativity, a theory of gravity, predicts nothing of the kind. It is true though that the framework for the big bang model relies on general relativity and on simplifying assumptions (such as homogeneity and isotropy of space). Even so, the earliest phases of the big bang are subject to much speculation. The idea that universe was filled with dense hot plasma roughly 14 billion years ago remains speculative, i.e., it is not a "confirmed prediction". It would be more precise to say that there appears to be evidence for the claim that
  2. Excuse the time delay in answering this post: The thought experiment argument is not substantiated, nor is the conclusion derived. The situation of A and B is completely symmetric. Therefore the constant k = b1/a1 must be equal to 1. Your arguments are based on the erroneous proposition k>1. All the further calculations are nonsense. One of the basic concepts of differential geometry is that it is strictly local, describing the connection of points to neighboring points. Applying this method to the spacetime continuum forbids the definition of a global time-scale, just as it forbi
  3. Actually, the problem of Bruce is not that cosmic redshift has a gravitational cause, or that in a homogeneous universe redshift can be expressed as a function of distance alone. Redshift can indeed be expressed as a function of distance (and time) since Bruce is using spherical coordinates. Certainly, in a flat space such a redshift would not be observed. Time dilation follows too as a function of distance in a spherically curved manifold, in accord with general relativity. In the following chapters Bruce goes on to derive the metrics for hyperbolic, flat and spherical space. Bruce uses a r
  4. First, cruel2Bkind, welcome to scienceforums. :) There are several links that supply a rigorous mathematical rationale for this idea. An Equilibrium Balance of the Universe by Ernst Fischer. Homogeneous cosmological solutions of the Einstein equation also by Ernst Fischer (2009) This solution leads to an exact solution of the Einstein field equations consistent with a static Einstein universe. This Bruce paper leads to the same conclusion, albeit by different means. [PM me if you would like more details on this work.] Note: While cosmological redshift would also occur in
  5. “No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that its falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavors to establish” ~David Hume
  6. Here are a few quick points in addition to the above post, and in order to better understand what we are dealing with here vis-à-vis cosmological redshift z and global stability: 1. What we have is a globally continuous isotropic and homogeneous gravitational field consistent with Einstein's general theory of relativity. 2. This is a 4-dimensional spacetime continuum. The geometry that describes this spacetime was founded by Gauss and Riemann. 3. We are talking about a non-degenerate pseudo-Riemannian manifold of constant positive mean curvature with Lorenzian structure. This manifold
  7. Just as patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived (or actual) improvement in a medical condition, the sham of Faith can be a real asset to someone facing tough times. Faith, like a placebo, exerts an "expectancy" effect which is believed to have effects. Faith, just as a placebo, can act similarly through classical conditioning, where a belief and an actual stimulus are used simultaneously until the belief is associated with the effect from the actual stimulus. Both conditioning and expectations play a role in faith and make different kinds of contribution. Faith affects
  8. Hi LaurieG, I would say "financial" :unsure: . Indeed black holes sell allot of books. Edgar Allan Poe, in “Heureka” (1848) described creation as an “instantaneous flash.” The writings of Poe can be found in several cosmology textbooks (Heurica!) Here I would have to disagree with you. :mellow: cc
  9. Here's a nice simulation. Notice how the trajectory of stars predicted by density wave theory move in and out of the spiral arms as they orbit the galaxy, allowing the existence of stable spiral arms. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD9OV1Zrs4I&NR=1 cc
  10. Ok, let's backtrack a little here. Certainly, in an expanding universe, the geometry may be hyperbolic, spherical or flat. In a non-expanding universe, where general relativity is operational, the geometry of the universe cannot be flat (and cannot be hyperbolic, according to Bruce, Fischer and possibly Einstein), it must be spherical. That is, the geometrical structure of the 4-dimensional spacetime continuum is curved. A flat spacetime a la Minkowski would indeed have no gravitational force acting anywhere. So, both the flat and hyperbolic models for a non-expanding universe are ruled o
  11. This is kind of similar too Why Japan's Tsunami Triggered an Enormous Whirlpool "Whirlpools have a big impact on the human imagination," Ludwin said... cc
  12. It would certainly be a good idea to write (if not already written) a paper with an abstract, introduction, main body of text (equations included) followed by a conclusion that encapsulates all the fundamental elements to your thesis. I for one have had difficulty jumping from one thread to the other over the past year or two, and would welcome reading the entire synopsis in a ten page (or so) document (pdf or other format). It may just be a question of copy-pasting all your relevant posts into one document to which everyone interested could refer. After all, some of your OP's are practica
  13. “Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do.” ~Johnny Carson
  14. Apparently on something other that writing. :lol: my bold. True, but I would have written 'what sets us apart from other animals.' :blink: CC
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asQcyG4QedI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ860P4iTaM&feature=fvw CC
  16. You're not talking about missionary position are you? There are other animals that copulate that way. A good one can be found on youtube. :unsure: CC
  17. Modest, Your objections have been addressed (see the links in post #729 above). In the process, a world-view consistent with observations has emerged that is a continuation from where Einstein left-off. The result is a four-dimensional static general relativistic universe that possesses intrinsic Gaussian curvature of the spacetime manifold. If you feel that any one of your objections has not been fully explained, please state explicitly which of these is lacking. CC
  18. All species of animals are different to some extent from other species (just as all species have similarities to varying degrees). They all 'got something' the others didn't and passed it on. Our specie is no different. Darwin explained it quite nicely, and others have elaborated on the mechanism since. Don't take a shower for a week and you'll see that you are no different from our cousins at your local zoo. CC
  19. Hi modest. Thanks :) I would too. Actually there exist three static solutions of the Einstein field equations for a spacetime of the type we are discussing. One of these spacetimes is effectively Minkownkian, but this type of spacetime is not consistent with observations in the sense that such a universe would be geometrically flat, i.e., there would be no cosmological redshift (unless, of course, the universe were expanding at a finely-tuned or critical rate). The other two spacetime geometries are hyperbolically and spherically curved. The example you give above of an idealiz
  20. Hello GraigD, Yup, there seemed to be a problem (perhaps too many photos). I've separated the posts in two sections. The main page should work now: A General Relativistic Stationary Universe And here is the new post: Large-Scale Structures - Superclusters and Supervoids Let me know if there is still a problem with the link. Thanks CC
  21. Hello all, After a relatively brief delay :) I've finally uploaded the text mentioned above. A General Relativistic Stationary Universe The new section, to be found if you scroll down towards the end, is entitled Large-Scale Structures - Superclusters and Supervoids. The topics under review are listed under the headers Spacetime Curvature, Equilibrium Solutions, The Local Group, The Large-scale Structures, Superclusters, Mounting Evidence for Gravitationally Bound Superclusters, Limits of the Cosmological Principle, Redshift Surveys and the Large-scale Structure, Time-scales a
  22. Sorry for the delay in posting a response to the above. In couple of weeks, I will be posting a rather lengthy layout of the situation relative to superclusters as bound gravitating systems is a static universe of constant positive Gaussian curvature. In addition, solutions regarding diverging integrals in a universe with a homogeneous matter distribution. The observed distribution and dynamics of matter in space may hold the key to understanding the essence of the physical universe and its evolution in time. The large-scale structures and spatial distribution can place important constr
  23. Actually, his speed and direction need not be constant. If he is freely falling in a gravity field he would feel weightlessness with no sensation of movement, yet speed is not constant since he's accelerating, and direction can change (an orbital motion for example). Just a thought to add to the mix... CC
  24. The point is that the solar system is stable. None of the planets will collide with each other or be ejected from the system for several billion years (whether due to gravitational collapse, dynamical instability, gravitational scattering, gravitational radiation, or any other process). Once the objects of a given self-gravitating system have acquired most of their material and have settled into nearly circular coplanar orbits the long-term dynamic stability is assured. However much still needs to be understood in this respect. See for example: The long-term dynamical evolution of the so
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