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  1. JerryB


    GAHD My previous questions were intended to help me understand your phrase "evil by choice". Maybe I should have chosen my questions more carefully. The answers didn't help me. The problem I had was that I find it difficult to think that people choose to do or be evil. I think even history's worst villains always believed that what they were doing was right, perhaps necessary and maybe not necessarily good but not evil either. Well, let's leave it there Possibly, and possibly in a way different from you. But it would be too much of a digression (for me anyway) to discuss the meani
  2. That seems beyond the scope of the educational system and might be more appropriate in some other branch of government. I think teachers must stay focused on the students and the curriculum. That's a teacher's job.
  3. Yes, I should have mentioned that also. UncleAl's comments arealways good reading. And certainly your observation also fits well into this critique.
  4. coldcreation, first, Welcome to Science Forums. Although I can't speak for others here, I wish you well. constructive criticism: 1) Take the time to correct spelling and typing errors it will increase your credibility. 2) Speak as simply as possible and avoid using obscure references ("Einstein's enfant terrible"?). It will increase your audience. 3) Make your posts as short as possible focussing on one point at a time. It will be easier to respond to and discuss.
  5. Yes, when I use Firefox that doesn't happen. But I much preferSafari and will keep using it despite the plethora of pop ups. But I'd sure like to get rid of them.
  6. Actually Cold Creation there is an easy way around this limitation. If you look at the thread New discovery in the Strange Claims forum you will see that by putting the link to the advertisement for her book in her signature, one poster was able to effectively advertise her book with around 100 links as opposed to just one. And she had one of the longest running threads on this forum. So it all worked out pretty well for her. By the way, I am also one who believes that the Big Bang theory is nonsense and would welcome an alternative. However your vocabulary is a bit offputting. I get the fe
  7. I use and prefer Safari also and if you've figured outthe problem please let me know how. I have to delete at least thirty of those ads everytime I log in.
  8. Okay so here's that joke: ********************************************** Three Welshmen and three Englishmen are travelling by train to a football match in London. At the station, the three English each buy a ticket and watch as the three Welsh buy just one ticket between them. "How are the three of you going to travel on only one ticket?" asks one of the English. "Watch and learn" answers one of the Welshmen. They all board the train. The English take their respective seats but all three Welsh cram into a toilet and close the door behind them. Shortly after the train has depa
  9. Really embarrassed! and really sorry about post #11. I forgot to include the title and it must have seemed more like a puzzle than a joke without it. What a waste. Anyway it's there now, never mind.
  10. JerryB


    Yes, yes, definitely too many. Too many for me because they generated too many answers and now they're strewn all over the place like a jigsaw puzzle attacked by a suicide bomber and it's late at night and I'm too tired to pick up the pieces and try to put them back together. But tomorrow's Sunday and I'll have the whole day to work on it at my leisure. No further explanation necessary, I'm just glad to hear that the damn butterfly is out of Brazil. California has all the chaos it can handle and Gahd knows it will do Australia some good.
  11. They're back again! Damitol they're back again! Every time I switch screens another one pops up, like cockroaches. It's depressing.
  12. You got any more, Tormod? Surely you can't be limited to only one. Hell, I've written two. But I'm not going to post both of them today. I figure I'll pace myself.
  13. HIM Our father who art in heaven Stay there . . . Jacques Prévert If I wasn't spos'd to eat, then why'd You plant the tree? And if You knew I would, Why bother tempting me? And though You knew ahead I'd do what You forbade me. You toss'd me out of Paradise For being what You made me. But I'll have one last word, As through Thy gates I pass, You can take Yer Flamin' Sword And stick it up Yer ***.
  14. So you've been hearing about that have you? I guess it still happens but to tell the truth I haven't been paying much attention to it. I work in the much less stressful field of adult education and seldom pay much attention to events in Japan. Seems like you know more about it than I do.
  15. JerryB


    One or two more thoughts on this matter. I've heard about the experience of drowning, I think from a person who had the experience personally but I'm not sure. Anyway I've heard that a great feeling of serenity takes over. I guess that's what you were referring to. The feeling that death is kind of a serene feeling so you needn't feel sad for someone who dies. That reminded me of something I realized many years ago about death. I was a bit shocked because what I realized was perfectly obvious but I had never really thought about it much. People who cry at funerals or mourn after them
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