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  1. Let´s think with a thought! Let´s think about the giant energy concentarions of our galaxies centres(they are also called as huge black holes) and how they once flaped from one size larger energy concentarions that locate really far outside the visible universe! This way they were already far away from each other and the space did not have to expand “inflantionally”. With time the stars were born out of the energy waves that the giant energy concentrations of the galaxy centres radiate and which have the nature of the atoms. At the same time as the substance and the time of this new subs
  2. Dark Energy The energy does not interact with the space in anyway! The space does not alter in any way. The eternally excisting space does not expand, curve, roll, bang, stretch or foam! According to the onesimpleprinciple model there occures a lot of such energy that effects the energy of the atomcores and makes the energy in a core to expand in other words to alter with accelerating speed into a less dense energy. The atomcores absorb that energy also towards themselves. This is how the atomcores that expand all the time have enough energy to radiate the energy as waves and these waves
  3. Hello Conan O Brien YouTube - Etimespace's Channel[/url] Hello Jim Carrey YouTube - Etimespace's Channel[/url] Hello Madonna YouTube - Etimespace's Channel[/url] Scientific experiments The argument about the expanding space is an empty argument! There is no way to make scientific experiments with a space. The argument about expanding space is not science. It is a religion! The thing that particules radiate their energy is not an empty claim. Particules can be examined and make scientifical experiment with them and this way proof this claim to be true. Let´s take long chutes fro
  4. I DEMAND LOGICALITY We need to expect even a little bit of logicality to the scientific theories. If I have understood correctly, according to the so called firm interaction the qvarks supposedly interact with each other the stronger the further the qvarks are from each other? The argument that the qvarks interact stronger when they are further away from each other is not logical nor scientifical. ”The gluons that moderate strong nuclear power have been observed in particle accelerators”. How does the gluon moderate the gravitation from one qvark to another? How does the gluon loosen
  5. About 13.8 billion years ago universe -as we see it - had its energy very densely formed. Nowadays the same energy is way more than less condensed. There is no reason to doubt that same phenomenon couldnt effect on the very same energy that the nucleus of an atom has! Nucleuses of atoms had accordingly changed for less dense energy. Concomitantly expanding atom nucleuses have radiated their energy in a form of waves which have nature of electrons and particles. Electrons confront energy-waves from the adjacent atom nucleuses and interact with them. At this point new electrons are born in
  6. The distance to Earth 10 light-years. Moving almost at the speed of light towards the Earth and the Earth in one year, your time is spent on just one second. Findings Globe and see the Earth rotating under the sun, you second. When you measure what kind of trip Globe is moving under you per second, you will notice the earth moving a lot more than the speed of light. This should not be possible in your theory appropriate. Still, this is your theory appropriate? a contradiction!
  7. Dense and massive piece. The slow time. The beginning was a dense concentration of energy, whose time was slow. Therefore, the background radiation is very stretched. the radiation waves began to move less frequently. Relative to existing energy-waves. During the first stars, the energy was more frequent than the current stars. During the first stars, the time was slow relative to the current time, the stars. Therefore, the old light is known. generally redshifting Old light waves came less frequently in relation to the existing light waves. Space has always been there.
  8. Explaination of the OneSimplePrinciple Model From: gadzometer from Australia YouTube - Explaination of the OneSimplePrinciple Model http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omgQ6kLlHdE&feature=channel_page Check it out!
  9. I prophecy, big bang theory people going to make that knd of tehory later. New big bang thweory where space can expanding some area different faster. i donyt like theory who say, space expanding. If space changes in any way, space post to be some place, where space can change some way. Best, easy, and simple theory win. Only energy density changes in space who dont change at all. i just wonder, what is this force, who keeping this energy inside nucleus of atoms same density? How nucleus of atoms interactive with electrons, if nucleus of atoms stay in same density all a time? how atom
  10. Heart * According to this new idea, the heart expands rhythmically in beats, but it does not contract by itself. Instead, while the heart is not expanding, everything adjacent to the heart continues to expand at an evenly accelerating pace. The heart is thus affected by an external pressure which makes the still expanding blood inside the heart push its way out of the heart. Blood flows in the veins due to pressure fluctuations. The blood flowing back to the heart does not have enough space to expand normally as it rubs against the valves. After this friction blood expands faster than usual,
  11. "If I understand you correctly, you are claiming that particles change size ?" Yes! Also nucleus of atoms change size! Also your body change size! Also earth change size! Also Sun change size" :hihi:
  12. Red shift (no doppler) proofs, photons expanding/exploding and emit/radiate energywaves and with this energywaves, photons pushing themselfs same way what phtons expanding/exploding! Later, when phtons are old, they start pushing themselfs faster what they expanding/exploding and thats why old light it is redshifted! Thats why you dont have a theory of everything! Space dont expanding at all.
  13. "Best way to think about the expanding of space is to think of a raisin loaf made with leavened bread and being baked. As the load is baking the size is growing larger. The spacing between raisins are expanding. In this same way the spacing between galaxies is expanding." This is WRONG You have to understund, energy is a leavend bread whos size is growing larger! Also photons are dough,/paste whos size is growing larger. NO SPACE You cant make any test with space. Entropy proofs, energy expanding/exploding all a time. same thing happening for energy who is inside nucleus of atoms
  14. Scientists Use High-energy Particles from Space to Probe Thunderstorms
  15. I just wonder why you dont have a theory of everything? Are you sire, you have a right model of/an atom? Big bang theory proofs, all energy was very density 13,7 billion years ago? Today this same energy it is not so density? We already know, nucleus of atoms is only energy? How this energy can keep "himselfs" same density? What it is this force? How that force working? How space expanding? How space can expanding? Where space is? Is space some other space who dont changes?
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