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  1. *deleted* Very intersting, it is.
  2. Craig, why not talking to me? :singer: Are you shy of me or what!
  3. Hello, I did not say send those humen-fleshes into markets without precise censorships. We will check to see if anything goes wrong in those materials, then letting them be sent to market.
  4. That is just my opinion. But you guys come up ironic reasons that why eating-people should not be legalized.
  5. So you guys don't support eating-human flesh be legalized? You guys are making the world's biggest joke.
  6. So you really are a mature smarty. May I know your ethnic? By the way, do you love to learn and travel around every world to learn the culture?
  7. If it is no, you need to give your reasonable complaint so that eating humen is not suitable. But as a matter of fact, anything that has DNA, proteins and lipids could be eaten: cockroach, insects and so on.
  8. Ps2Huang

    TO: CraigD

    Seems you are an experienced talker. How old are you? Have you been through many social issues?
  9. I am still obsessed in those collectibles. I love buying action figures--but, I am 21 yrs old already. Do you think seeing an adult shopping at a Toy Store for choosing toys for his interest is ridiculous?
  10. Sir, I have no idea of what you are talking about. May you use simpler words to present your speech? Also that, speaking of babies, I don't mean use an infant who has developed into a form to cook to eat. Do you know placecta? Using that as materials to make food.
  11. I think eating human body should be legalized. Because we are lacking many foods; the world is getting more population, and we don't have enough food source to fulfill our hungerness. Thus, we do need our same being--human. I don't mean we can just find any being to kill. We can find human materials through many associations: 1)we can have those criminal who are sentenced death penalty to be our cooking materials after they are killed, and 2)we can get those human materials by aborted infants. Some pregnant females don't want their babies anymore; therefore, we can have them to sign agreement
  12. Well, if we concentrate just on learnings; we ignore those entertainments in our life. How will we be that is our intelligence?
  13. Actually atom is the basic chemicals. Atom has many types. And the subunits of atoms are protons, electrons and neutrons--those we called particles as well. H2O is a kind of atom. And with many atoms combined, we call it molecule. Sometimes it may become an element, which is unchangeable.
  14. Like many citizens of America believe god Jesus created original human--that is fake!!! Humen were originally originated from apes or monkeys, then slowly evolving into us. And I do hope those English alphabetics were inherited from Europe, not somewhere unrelated to them.
  15. how about ice aging human up, and till there is a way to stop human aging, then we can melt it and revive human with providing them infinitive life-span.
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