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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure where to begin. I thought the model and the concepts brought up in the articles by Hasanuddin were interesting also. Actually, I've been following a debate that he's been having with some intense folks on a different forum. His arguments are pretty convincing. Now I feel kind'a bad bringing it up, because it feels like we're talking behind someone's back. I wonder if he'd answer himself if I told him about this discussion? There's only one way to find out.
  2. Moderation note: this post was moved from 8224 because it is not about the original thread’s subject of whether there was a Big Bang or not, but an alternative theory explaining the Big Bang. Hi All, Just to throw a curve ball, have you heard of the most recently advanced model for the birth of the Universe? For the sciencey types check out the articles at The Dominium
  3. Hey Folks, Glad to meet you all. Boy, this is difficult. Who am I? I barely know that, and it seems to change every day. Well, I'm just a "normal" advanced Physics (and sometimes Chemistry instructor.) Though I've also taught Microbiology, Zoology, Economics, Environmental Science, Logic, Botany, and English as a 2nd Language. I guess you could say that there isn't a subject that I don't enjoy learning about. I'm married...though there is some tension at home right now. (I swear I didn't do anything:shrug:) Actually, it's this economic downturn... my job is secure... but somehow that mak
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