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    i love everybody. do what you gotta do, God will take care of both of us; I have no worries!
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    Allendale, Michigan USA
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    GOD, JESUS, WIFE, SON, STEP-DAUGHTERS, FAMILY, friends, reading, computer, coffee, food, rock.
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    Marketer Global Domains International Part time, http://MountainDew.WS, semi-retired.
  1. http://GeorgeWBush.TK <--- have 15 gallons!
  2. it may suprise you to know and i am sure a lot of you may disagree, but God IS and He knows EVERYTHING down to the smallest detail that you will do in your lifetime at your conception. So in this sense there is no free will at least in this sence if you are saved, Thank God for accepting you as one of his Children but if you cannot be saved have "fun?" where you will eventually go.
  3. i am amazed at how often people in this science forum seem to think most other people think the way the majority do in this group. jus the other day, one of the network television channels said they conducted a "scientific" poll of Americans and found that over 92% believed in some type of God, or supreme Being! Actually I will just state that I am 100% convinced that there is no good religion other that the Christian religion and being convinced of this makes me want to continue to tell you out of concern for you to tell you that YOU WILL end up in HELL if you believe otherwise. as far as age
  4. no, i am not a Christian Orbsycli but rather a son of God and brother to Jesus and other true Christians. and i have to remind myself often to Love the Lord God with all my soul and all my strength and all my heart and to love others as myself and to attend to my repenting more. however what a peaceful feeling to have the mind of Christ. jolly fellow? quite a bit more than that, BLISS. :hihi: p.s. if Jesus Christ is not Lord of your life and you have salvation and eternal life given to you. (in other words you can not accept the Word as you are from the evil one,) then you are in
  5. first of all, i doubt that anyone for sure knows if a woman wrote any part of the bible or if more than one woman did. the authors of the bible are not all known even though it IS a work by mankind inspired by God and IS God's WORD. for a long time i was agnostic or had a difficult time realizing that Jesus Christ IS the only begotten SON OF GOD and, Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE; NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME! and, as you all have heard perhaps but and will KNOW the consequences of your belief at your time of the first death, John 3.16: For God so loved the world
  6. and this is why Physics is not the reality but just various curve fits or mathematical models to small portions of the what is there is not of what appears. and i contend that during the travel across billions of light-years of distance the photons could very well lose energy in a continuous over all fashion that would be similiar to gravitational red shift thus supplementing its effect or even the cause replacing it! its time to realize that our cosmological physics is still in its infancy at best and i wonder how less than ten pounds of gray matter will ever under stand the rest of the matt
  7. now try 6000 years of study: HEBREWS CHAPTER 11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 ΒΆ Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 For by it the elders obtained a good report. 3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. good luck, love ya all, kirk;)
  8. first i would like to say that i do not hate science as i feel the miracles of science have touched my life and the ones i love more than once in very beneficial ways; life and death actually. but here we are and photons travel via electromagnetic waves, with speeds and electrical and magnetic component amplitudes dependending on the medium through which the wave travels. AND IN THE CASE of a vaccum the physics DEFINE the value for the speed of the wave. the energy of a photon = E = h * f where energy could be in Joules or electron volts or some other energy unit and h is Planck's cons
  9. how does one change the internal state of an electron? At least the undressed, bare particle is thought to have no internal structure and therefore no dimensions, i.e. a point correct? and as i think just how much we understand about the vacuum state and its causing dressed particle states i get lost and realize even then whatever represention is given them that it is an approximation at best. looked at from the wave nature of those under discussion: the photon travels at the speed of c via an electromagnetic wave. NOW would anyone say that if this wave nears a free electron that it would
  10. i knew a guy that did like it when i played Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on a guitar and sang it to him. i never try to get myself in anything but a jolly mood but sometimes i do feel that i may be getting older. overall however i have had a happy life though. Hope you can say the same about yourselfs. love and peace, and, peace and love, (kirk) kirk gregory czuhai
  11. a chip off the block and quite a bit more, my son informed me about two weeks ago that the Czuhai's are going to be one more! subjective judgements, hmmm, is there really any other kind? the laws really that govern the people on this planet if you wish to be ignorant and wrong, you, i suppose could imagine sometimes otherwise and its expected! but the bill of assertive rights exists and says no one has to be rational in their decision(s), everyone has the right to say no, everyone has the right to change their minds at any time for reasons and/or excuses but needs not have reasons and/or excus
  12. there is only one thing that matters and that one thing is not to be talked about here that is what i have pick up on by those in power here that disagree with me. take it from me or discover it if you can but as far as i am concerned with wisdom you will have a happy and easy life despite the occasional **** happens experiences and no science is required. at least do not become obsessed. welcome Lou. peace and love, and, love and peace, (kirk) kirk gregory czuhai;)
  13. WOW !!! please everyone! give this guy 100 times his rep points! he is really a sweetheart, big bang believer too i think... love and peace, and, peace and love, (kirk) kirk gregory czuhai p.s. to see just some information or one example of the information i believe more important than big bangin', electron pointing, strange, charmed, top and bottom quarkin', http://grandchildren.ws love and peace, and, peace and love, (kirk) kirk gregory czuhai p.s. so with the exception of biological sciences, if you think science is so AMAZING and great, i just say i really do not. i mean what right do w
  14. 15 years old? good luck. (kirk) kirk gregory czuhai
  15. well, never serving in the military in my citizen states the united states of america! perhaps my opinion would carry little weight. i do however think that often after boot camps the armed service personel are not at least for a while what they were when they first started their military duty. in other words the grunts have been brainwashed or influenced in such a way using stressors that they will even follow orders that are unmoral and unethical or at least be convinced that they are not the ones to apply actions in the military when coming from higher up as something they can get away w
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