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  1. Camouflage. Our early ancestors ability to grow long hair on their heds was a result of natural selection. Those with the longest hair could squat on the ground surounded by their dirty matted hair and thus fool the predatrory dinos into thinking they were a sort of over grown mole hill while the short haired lot got eaten. The millitary still use this technique nowadays but have added rather unconvincing bits of grass and the like. (If soldiers didn't cut their hair so short they could also pretend to be mole hills as of old).
  2. Were the catholic monastries to disappear in Belgium would this mean that such wonderful brown beers as 'Chimay' would go to? that would certainly be a sore blow to any future western civilisation! The monastery in Chimay ( a very very wealthy setup in S. Belgium), also does a very good blond beer available to all (12%) regarless of creed or colour. P.S. I seem to remember reading a historical study somewhere stating that only about 5% of any population any where has or has ever had any real religuos beliefs, mostly the peoples affiliation to a 'religion' is more customary or traditionally
  3. Just thinking. The material world seems to be contained in enclosures called galaxies, which as it were float about in a 'm├ędium' called, for want of a better named 'space. Would it not be reasonable to consider that the material world(s) are epiphenomena of certain processes occuring in the 'texture' of space?
  4. Its a little of topic but relevant. Being interested in all thing nautical, when I lived in the south of France, one could see from the shore line that the water level of the Mediterranean had historically been several meters higher than today, so much so that the Greeks and Phoneticians were then able to use harbours and navigate rivers and coastal lakes no longer available for such use, either being now high and dry or being far to shallow. So what caused the sea levels to rise to such an extent historically then and what caused the sea levels to gradually go down again (after the Greeks), t
  5. How very interesting, thank you for the insights. I'm not sure though that our Mayor would be terribly attracted to ladies wearing ex army boots, mini skirts and exposed bosoms, then riding riding motor bicycles ! So unbecoming, so unfeminine, not chic at all. May I recommend Baroness Stafford's excellent book on etiquette and Mrs Beaton on house-hold management, as for sports a little tennis some croquet ( not to much as it excites). Driving unveiled is bad for the complexion, beer never never !!!!
  6. Poor man. Like so many people who live up in the French mountains never hear of the good man till he died ! From the photo in "La Monde" he looked very poorly. (and from what I later read wasn't exactly the person I should of wished to meet anyway). I have the impression telling anything would have been a waste of time. ;)
  7. It seems to be the general trend to assume that being "intelligent" is of a necessity bound to be associated with some sort of technology rather than say developments in the biological directions or culture. Most life forms are more or less "intelligent" yet very few of them use tools or other such artifices. If our dino club had a developed "intelligence" could it not have applied it to psycho/somatic adaptations ect., thus leaving nothing for the poor human archaeologists to dig for. If our dinos lads did "construct" "things", the continental plates have shunted about the place so much in th
  8. After considerable thought, the plural for "bum" must be bumkins ! (there's a wooden thing sticking out from the sharp end of sailing boats called a "boomkin" by them what knows). Question : What does our mayor do in Lyon every other weekend ?
  9. I have just finished my first reading of professor Roger Penrose's book: Shadows of the mind,(vintage books), which I can highly recommend. Mainly the book is a speculation on the biological processes that might promote conciousness. My own opinion, for what its worth, is that conciousness is a result of compounded awareness synergisms and is to some extent or degree present in all organisms. No organism can be viable without some measure of decisive capacity that is able to optimally exploit its environment and an evolutionary "compounding" of these "capacities" founds heightened conciousness
  10. In France, unfortunately, its frowned upon to go round digging people up just to see if they need a hair cut, so there is not much data available here on the subject. Incidentally, our village cemetery is locked after dark for some reason, presumably "things" have happened in the past.
  11. Pamela & Turtle. Thanks for the information Re: objects "pop-tarts" They sound ghastly, I'm not surprised Kellogs shares are down. Could these "objects" be safely fed to the deserving poor, and, due to their alleged bacterial inhibiting nature could they also be used as a parasiticide ? (The Mayor is well Pamela, I will inform him of your interest though I warn you he is a convinced bachelor).
  12. Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is a "pop-tart", the very name rather suggests something that my grandmother would definitely not approve of never mind eating; be it one or more! By the sound of it, these type of things should be left to the lower classes and not be mentioned in these lofty circles. P.S. Tea is at four.
  13. So much cheaper than a marina m'dear !
  14. Freeztar. I promise not to tell the local French police giving kazoos to our village children was you idea. Last Thursday was the end of term and my wife who teaches art to the little horrors doled out 30 kazoos to round of the term; the noise was awful ! I'm not sure if the resulting cacophony sounded like tormented bees or the background effects of one of Hitchkock's murder films; and the carnival parade has yet to come ! :doh:
  15. To deviate a little : A few minutes ago I saw on twitter that the Iranian interior minister is alleged to have said that "the very high turn out of 140% was due to fine weather" !!!
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