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  1. i dont think Dragonball is a great place to find examples in physics
  2. Yes, i did all i got was 6.3 times 10^23 (something liek that) i have to get this done becuase my professor is CRAZY, littlerally he picked a student up and threw him for not covering a Silver Nitrate container
  3. yes italians are amazing but this is do soon and i have no idea what to say, all i need i like a few sentences
  4. In my chemistry clase I had to proform an experiement that proved avogadro's law Equal volumes of gases under the same temperature and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules. no i need ot know why this is significant in the relm of chemistry as a conclusion i am not a chemist and have no idea why the volume of 1 mole at STP is 58.016 cm3 of Hydrogen gas is important
  5. Im just wondering what all of you think as to the future of human evolution as in: -When a we will become a new species? -What would our apperence be? -What new traits may we develop? -How we will interact with; each other/the planet/animal/rest of the universe
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