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  1. I suspect that most scientists would not trust empirical evidence if they met God and spoke with Him. Maybe the next day they would scratch their heads but as the days marched on, they would eventually conclude it did not happen as they perceived it because they cannot "prove it." I think many aspects of the God question comes down to what one considers proof. What constitutes proof? Imagine if you walked home from the store and found a grape on the ground. Nobody is looking and it looks tasty, so you eat it. Then you meet a bunch of scientists and you tell them, I found a grape and I ate
  2. For some reason the page was blank... I saw nothing.
  3. I know there was a refrigerator which worked on sound waves. Most likely this technology. That might help you search.
  4. All this talk about nothing is meaningless.
  5. Assuming that mankind would or "should" do anything would seem to make a comparison to religion. After all, without religion, what is "good" or "decent" is only defined by what any group of people subjectively label as "good" - Hitler thought what he was doing was "good" and the rest of the world judged differently based on the ideas of "virtue" and "good and evil". What is "good or evil" if not the invention of religion? One can define how people "aught" to live based on what is beneficial or desired by others, but when a set of actions is inherently "good" then it definitely muddies the w
  6. I agree with you that many theologians fail to teach a balanced approach to issues. I simply hoped to point out the religious support for the point of the thread, in order to contrast science and religion on this point which might have some common ground. Also, a certain amount of scrutiny needs to be given to religious texts, of course. They have survived for thousands of years, and as you rightly point out, this is due in part because, even from the very start, religion is both moral instruction and big business. Certain scriptures, like forcing tithing and commanding that people put no
  7. Warning... God Speak Ahead!!! (On the topic of "what is prayer") Speaking hypothetically for a brief reply.... Prayer, for people of faith, is indeed a time to send messages to the creator they believe in. However, let's stop and think about what it means to assume one could ask God to work in his/her life. If one prays for God to change the world as it is, and grant them some type of special help or guidance, then one's belief that he does act also means that one believes: 1) The time line is not set. There is no future, because if there were, any change would destroy mans freewill or
  8. This is supported by scripture, but I'm sure you knew that. Most theologians believe and teach that the command "Thou shalt have no other God's before me" (See Exodus 20:3 (Deuteronomy 5:7, Judges 6:10, Hosea 13:4) is not a profession that other Gods do indeed exist, but rather what you said, that what people focus on is their "God". There are many other passages that speak to this but I don't want to say too much about that because showing examples of scripture might be misunderstood to be proselytizing or digressing from your point. Suffice to say, your point is well taken and I think that
  9. YouTube - Family Guy - Cosmos For Rednecks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TthHltjrvA
  10. That's cool Sanctus, I knew what you meant.
  11. If it is shown that it kills fish, then those washing machines should be banned. I hope that's not true. Thanks for the info, ... very interesting.
  12. Yeah I heard about this guy. It turns out he used sterling silver to create his own collodial silver at home. The side effect of using impure silver is that the suspension liquid has larger particles, which end up in the skin. I recently met several people who have taken collodial silver for over 20 years, and they are not altered in their appearance. The guy in your video is a strange example for sure - and he is still taking it, though I hear he learned how to make it properly. Can you imagine being blue? That has to be a hard situation at times.
  13. People say this (collodial silver) is not harmful, and indeed it kills both bacteria and virus type infections better than antibiotics etc. What's the truth of this?
  14. I'm not sure yet, what your reply is intended to answer from my post. How does your hypothesis of how God manifests himself apply to the questions about 3rd and 4th dimensional space? I want to understand your point, but I am not quite there. Thanks, Glenn
  15. Of course its all speculation. The idea that a time traveler would destroy his future, and appear to exist from no where (no past or future) as you put it is basically correct - but not exactly. His future would exist in the second time line he created. His "original self" as his past self would remain in the original time line where he came from, and the rest of the world would remain unchanged from his original time. This is because eternally, his jumping to another time line would have always happened. (His present moment would be privileged wherever he appeared on the respective lines
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