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  1. what if he asked you to worship him, or for him?
  2. don't most religions ask for donations in one form or another?
  3. i had an interesting debate with a phylosophy major once ( forgive me if this does not relate in the way i intend ) we spent the first 2 hours of the conversation defining a word the short definitioin being- as we are in a state of constant conditioning, and energy sharing, whenever you interact with another being, that being becomes part of you, and you part of them then we used the word in conversation for the next few days
  4. anyway, when you are working glass, and you get an air bubble in the glass, and you stretch the glass as it cools, you get a vein of air you can also do this with metals, i've done it with gold myself just a visualization of processes going on in the magma chamber also, what happens when a bubble of material gets pushed into the glass layer? probably aluminum and stuff, so if that layer cools, pulverises, and becomes a solid layer then we get cool doped versions of sand
  5. well a few ideas come to mind if the nano-bot had the ability to super heat an object while surrounding it so no other elements cause molecular change, then reshaping would be in the realm of a super nano-bot if this is only at the atomic level, not sub-atomic (we're not changing elements here) i believe this could be done in a variety of ways according to current knowledge in physics but like craigd said, would be super slow if we did it large like with a silver spoon you could do it in a chamber flooded with an innert gas then super heat the medium and use a regular sized ro
  6. interesting idea, do they think about things like reiki and chi, auras, etc. ?
  7. http://www.space.com/17628-warp-drive-possible-interstellar-spaceflight.html an article about my theory, yet nothing was said about me interesting
  8. interesting, why does romney seem to blame obama, i don't understand this it seems obama doesn't play the blame game just an observation
  9. i understand subduction and abduction earthquakes melting mantle etc what i am saying, if the core of the planet is going through atomic decay then it is this atomic decay that keeps our outer layer of the core molten because of this there may be points similar to sunspots, that have "coronal mass ejectiion of the core of the planet" which would periodically give elements to the mix any constant version of this, could define the differences in the composition of the layers of the planet, where the layers we have and have studied are mainly sedamentary layers if we look at
  10. anyway, if the layers of silicate are lighter than the layers of molten metals, then the slicates would float to the top, even though they have less viscosity then as the weight of the earth crumbles or pulverises the silicate as it moves to the surface, thats why we have high silicate content in the layers on the planet with of course some doped silicates with other materials
  11. also i need other things worked on including spectrum analysis of light signatures of atoms and their isotopes, in a matrix then a bit of calculus to define how they work together where [matrix signature data] is a set of solutions for amplitude ( see above question ) of impetali and frequency of impetali then this might be able to be defined in relationship to time
  12. i think i resemble your point, save i have some scientific background if you read this this article the drive they describe is my idea depends on when you left,m but you might recall me talking about this the thing is, i consider myself "outside the box":Music: where i have not been told i have to accept everthing to pass in a class :smart: :shrug: while i learn on my own, which sometimes makes things difficult, i feel everything has to fit together for instance, if thousands of years of chinese believe in chi, then there is a good chance it exists, but where is it in ph
  13. are you telling me i really should do this?
  14. interesting, i know most animals are afraid of humans so kind interaction is usually welcome everything from bee's and birds, to racoons and squerrels they all have a friendly side and like to play games also you just have to be aware of their games to play them
  15. belovelife

    Naked Music

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Gig_in_the_Sky this song has the human voice as an instrument, one of the best pink floyd songs there is
  16. http://www.space.com/17628-warp-drive-possible-interstellar-spaceflight.html interesting, sounds like they are quoting me
  17. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12CmBT5KW9ydSxTl7uRscb1tEQyiBtfZ7VbI_WdREkGU/edit?pli=1 too bad they don't tell how the car recharges probably an avalanche drive i don't know
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