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  1. good point i agree fully
  2. i thought nutrinos were measured with heavy water then we could use that nuclear power plant in space anyway i thought the concept of gluons and quarks was found by a particle accelerator i would like to see the data do you think we could harness the power of nutrinos if we found something that waved at a resonant frequeny that correlates the the red light that is emmited when a nutrino hits the extra nutron from the nucleas of the hydrogen aton in heavy water?
  3. i know we detect nutrinos with heavy water by looking for a red light i.e. the nurino hiting the extra nuetron off the nucleus of the hydrogen aton in the molecule also, stranglets is an interesting hypothesis although i would think we would have many more stars collapsing if wuch things were common, and i thought that a proton had a triangular formation of quarks and gluons although this was measured by particle accelerators right i wish i could see the data for the experiment
  4. all the good stuff to make a space station i bet
  5. isn't that an asteroid belt?
  6. lets take this back a level say we could make nutronium and use it on common elements like magnesium and calcium could it bond the two and unite them in a way to form a more efficient potovotallic, considering if you add the two up it has the same atomic number as germanium, germanium being a photovotallic, it may be in the same family kind of, and it may have the same properties being denser at this point may collect more of the photons and convert them into electrons but this is getting off the subject of the matter that i submit is present in the universal dust cloud itwas just a thought
  7. consider this say you take a neutronium of x densty, combine it with a unstable heavily dense element (heavily dense = atomic number above 100) the nuetral aspect of the neutronium adds gravity or density to the "molecule" so as the gravity increases per area squared, the half life of the element increases, due to strengthened pattern of neclei crunched together in a "nest" allowing for the electron shells to be united and act more like a combined atom as opposed to individual atoms, and sharing all the electrons
  8. i think astro physics and nuclear chemisry need to be related to eachother otherwise we are missing a link the relationship between the two have to be proportional in some way and then you throw the idea of a polyverse plasmoidial energy pattern into the mix and the relationship of energy coupling in different patterns could change the way we view nuclear chemistry
  9. and for the e=mc2 thing i meant the bend in space time by approaching the speed of light
  10. ok on the bermuda triangle thing, ok i heard of the methane pocket gasses that could sink even planes althought extremely likely of the possible reason, considering the large amounts of methane that are at the bottom of the ocean in little tiny gel like packages, i still say that a metoer is the likely cause let me get to that then i know magnetism is different than gravity , but whati'm saying is the difference in the noble gasses, all are noble, but they all react differently so magnetism acts like a macrocosmal gravity, whereas the sun would exibit more of a similar effect to an atom, lik
  11. plus it would be an increased potential ,per space-time area cubed, of gravitational resonances, including magnetism, and especially magnetism, that being a strong force unlike gravity, my theoretical element would contain gravity and magnetism, now the thing i ponder as of late is what are the potential other resonances of these particular forms of matter all the way up to a black hole where the black hole could possibly be like going a different direction in the universe till you get to a wall which is the heavily dense matter, mabe just thinkin
  12. ok as far as a black hole goes NO ONE KNOWS anything anyone has ever said is purely theoretical that being said we do have some proof on the formation of a pulsar now as far s we know a pulsar is formed at the collapse of a star (for whatever reason, i.e.no more fuel?, amount of matter collected ecceeds the maximum gravitatonal point at which it simply collapses releasing tons of energy in the process and possibly emitting a gamma burst or something similar) now as we know when hydrogen is heated and compacted like the event that could possibly be occuring on our star (the sun), it has a fusio
  13. well then black holes wouldnot exist, but i'm not talking that dense just as dense as would form at a pulsar you knw the collapse of a star
  14. so 118 is only theoretical it says that the results were fabricated by the author plus at that poiint in the table elements are said to be unstable and decay quick thats why i was thinkin that the elemental level would be closer to the 200's you know another stable platform that heavy elements can exist at
  15. on space i have tons to say from space suits to pulsars
  16. the "resonant effect" could also be deemed periodical similar to the noble gasses, and photovotallics like germanium and selenium i think
  17. i like space shiznit, hackeysac, world peace, you know the common things
  18. ok i have a theory based on the observations of pusars and the seemingly resonant effect of different density levels of matter basically instead of the paper thory at the beginning of the post it is more like a crunch imagine 4 levels of gravity gravity magnetism space-time bend other(black hole) with possibly other resonations inbetween now when a pulsar is formed you have massive fusion that creates this massive spinning magnet now on the outside we see these effects now surrounding the pulsar ar what appear to be tiny iron objects now like the sun when the magnetic field spews and c
  19. belovelife


    hey i call myself belovelife on the web i have almost everything i do as belovelife like choosing a new name how are all you
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