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  1. gummy bears, captain planet, who framed roger rabbit, x-men, incredible hulk teenage mutant ninja turtles and gorillaz videos
  2. i know native americans have a saying "talk the talk, but don't walk the walk" or something similar, imho, we should be on a moral judgemnet base, only issue is whose moral judgement matriaricle, patriaricle? religios, spiritual? work ethic, thought ethic, family history, i have pondered this for many years, worth, whose worth, what worth, what do we have to gain, what do we have to lose, -- golden rule -- i can only see myself in this situation as an exhample 1- my spelling is horrible along with sentance structure 2- i have good intentions 3- i try to do my best in
  3. http://www.esa.int/esaSC/SEMILCERI7H_index_0.html carbon dioxide freezes on venus?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flowix-games-Einstein-puzzle-High-scores-page/209742645767116#!/photo.php?fbid=209744652433582&set=a.209744649100249.52089.209742645767116&type=1&theater dang, a 1:35 amazing
  5. well i have my theory based on the celestial event called a pulsar and it mushroom shape, where the "cap of the mushroom " is expanded space and the "stem of the mushroom " is contracted space where the x-ray spectrum of the stem is equivelent to the redshift concept an the interesting fact, the there seems to be a star at the meeting point of the cap and stem, yet light also is detected from the bottom of the "stem" this along with other studies and the LHC particle collition data, has brought me to the conclutions that i define in my atomic model this line of reasoning also has
  6. interesting question, do we exist? i think therefore i am, i post therefor i type question is, are you, ? i don't know, i would have to meet you first :lol:
  7. yeah, but if we could take a pancreas cell, inject it with a virus that rewrites the dna an it gets rid of diabetes, that would be nice right, so the person can live a full life, and continuing generations would not have the disease?
  8. i wonder how this would look if hydrogen was on the outer shell and the known elements spiraled inwards it might end up showing the periodic table of elements that are stable in our stp interesting
  9. first i would have to say one thing, when you look at light, and light that travels through "solid" objects the only measureable light that travels through is heat, very high frequency as to be able to travel through the matter without actually being effected by the nuclei of all the atoms second, the attributes of a plasma, are that a cup to water is a magnetic field to plasma therefore, all matter can have the impetali fields arranged in the same fashon, just at the plasma state some matter can rearrange the impetali at what we consider stp and some of the energy in the univese
  10. interesting, lets travel back in time phylisophically now, we speak in grunts and yells, all of us, but we find when we hold a stick, :weather_hot: it gives us power, and at the same time, when we throw a rock, it gives us power :weather_storm: we now have less fear of traveling past our safe boundries now, someone came up with the "idea" :hammer: of putting the two together at the time, we could pick up rocks, but the concept of breaking rocks apart wasn't there yet rocks seemed this ultimate form of the world, a boundry in the imagination of man it represented the concept of
  11. ok, i was pndering doing this with a magnetic element like iron because in my theory, when you magnetise a material, you alighn the pairs in the impetali process in which case, all the fub-atomic fields are alighned, increasing the the magnetic resonance so as the fields are alighned you get something similar to this +++++++++++++++++++++++ ---------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++++++ ---------------------------------------- and so on and so forth then as you do the experiment you condense the matter, and may achieve a fusion so as +++++++++++ ---
  12. here are a few threads to watch http://scienceforums.com/topic/24588-fusion-of-aluminum/page__p__315126__fromsearch__1?do=findComment&comment=315126 attempt at fusion http://scienceforums.com/topic/24617-maximum-mass-and-the-big-bang/page__p__315514__hl__belovelife__fromsearch__1?do=findComment&comment=315514 my theory on planetary formatioin both are easy reads, i hope you enjoy them and find them insightful B)
  13. http://www.newsy.com/videos/nasa-scientist-says-warp-drive-is-doable/ again, my theory one of the science channels greatest :)
  14. http://www.space.com/17792-monster-black-hole-energy-jet-source.html interesting jets from a black hole
  15. well, welcome chewbaclka interesting, i feel planetary formation is close to the opposite, i have a unique theory, but it takes a while to explain, otherwise, i like the idea of your experiment i would like a similar one done, but at the moment, i am at an impass in the way to do it i have a few ideas, but they are just ideas, but i wish you good luck
  16. http://www.newsy.com/videos/nasa-scientist-says-warp-drive-is-doable/ again, nothing about me?
  17. even as a homeless person, jobless, without a girlfriend, i am still in the top 10% of the world i can say what i want i eat everyday i am relatively safe and i drink coffee every morning :coffee_n_pc:
  18. i ponder this also if the universe is infinate, and there are infinate universes in the multiverse, then where do they intersect?
  19. yeah, basically they are like sentences, similar to i have reasoning for the idea, mainly when one is reading a post, sometimes it is easier to have the topics within the post separated by a line, this , imho, helps keep the train of thought going, and if you lose your place in the train of thought, its easy to find it again, thing is when i hit the return button, it always gives me a line, and sometimes when i am typing fast, i forget to delete the eccess blank lines
  20. interesting edit iamjoy i was pondering something similar say you have a black hole/ or quasar and there is a galaxy type dynamic going on iside there then you have a galaxy then, in relative pattern, ( like bhuddist monks believe ) there is a hight realm now the higher realm is lighter in the same relative nature of a quasar and a galaxy as we are part of it at the same level though while a black hole is part of our universe and a galaxy is part also then the next level is part also like a new "air" i ponder it like this imagine how difficult it would be to manipul
  21. me too reminds me of the movie, pump up the volume
  22. re- as in to do again (english) le - the (latin) gion- avangion :) ( dungeons and dragons, dark sun) just an observation
  23. i like the infinate universe concept like if we see an galaxy to far away, it appears as cosmic radiation or something similar i like to question why why is there a universe why is there matter in the universe why is there time why is there energy the thing about the starting date, we may not be taking enough into account big bang, big crunch or multiple universes, bleeding into oneanother but this is the type of question you would ask if you were able to travel the stars in a timely manner you would seek answers to different questions as new data presents itself
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