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  1. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLAU5HJyTwTHcyT15QmqgwWMOwDC01NSYV&hl=en_US" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. if not join me in the creativityforums.com
  3. i think oil cooling at the bit head, where heat transefer through another higher pice of the bit would be possible
  4. you know if you had a liquid cooled bit, once you go as far as you could, the heat transfer to the liquid would be good enough for geo thermal, power production
  5. me too i work glass, and while i understand how it works, the formulas are all greek' i know that when things cool , they shrink must be some sort of exagerated electron shell at the atomic level, that limits the quanta release of the added photons or something
  6. interesting question, i ponder it like this, if the energy that tranduces between light and bound electron goes the speed of light, then it would be in photon form so if the nucleas that the electron is attached to achieved the speed of light, then the electron would become a photon right? but this is the field that surrounds an atom, whilel the field is present, atoms and molecules have specific interations, things that define the universe as we know it, now if the potential for going faster than light happened, would everything fuse? it shrinks space, and expands space therefore
  7. in my model, the speed is a realative thing, while the area that contracts is in a stable positioin, while the relative velocity within the changed vector, is still the same speed, but the distance traveled is increased due to the contraction of space, in this system, this vector would have unique atributes, like air becoming solids, and space becomeing air and liquid, while it would still be moveable, like liquid, the traveling in an atmosphere would be like cracking cement and traveling throught the crack,
  8. this is in refrence to people who are quick to judge, but they themselves do not practice what they preach i just wanted to clear this up
  9. there seems to be a need to develop some sort of liquid cooling system for the bit, looking at a glass torch, this should not be that difficult
  10. http://www.space.com/17996-strange-star-spiral-sun-future.html in this video, the star is emmiting matter at an extreme rate, this could be similar to a volcanic explotion, eccept on the mixed with a cme, if through the impetali process and atomic decay, the innner pressure of the star, was more than the outer shell's strength then a volcanic erruption would occur, at a point in the star's life where the viscosity of the multiple layers of the star define a sudden burst in the shell this interesting happening has potential to occur ( i wonder if this also happens and i gives ve
  11. does anyone know the mix to create bits harder than diamond?
  12. ok, in college i was tought that organic meant anything that grows organically anyway is monsanto seeds selective bread, or genetically changed by altering the dna scientifically? that would be my first question ( and not scientifically selective bread to alter the genes, but real live dna manipulation using genes sequencing viruses or the like )
  13. i thought there was a limitation based on the viewing plane and distance from the two eyes, otherwise there would be a tablet , ipad like device with a 3d camera for recoding 3d pictures and video, something that would allow a high def 3d panaramic which in the future could make old photos 3d in a holographic moniter
  14. take a glass blowing class or bronse puring class
  15. i was pondering, if i was in a think tank, literaaly, and i wanted to get "outside the box"\ but doing this was against my contract how would i get out now the "box" could potentially be my degree in physics, where the knowledge that i have is similar to a set shape that has to be tought
  16. ok, i was watching a commercial daily show and i thought of an idea, why not have a middle of the screen area on a laptop that can display 3d pictures and video's like the 3d capable android?
  17. well, if you take trig, physics, and chemestry (high school level) and reseearch light then you can understand my model
  18. well, i guess it depends on the definition of a cyber war for instance, if one attack of the cyber war made the face of your uncle look bad where for each picture face recognition then add devil spikes then every face in the world that had a similar picture to your uncles would seem bad essentially assasinating the face this would be a difficult thing to get out of the " i can tell" sort of prejudice among other things that can potentially happen in a cyber war
  19. belovelife


    if yoda begat the incredible hulk and the incredible hulk begat the teenage mutant ninja turtles would this be a genesis?
  20. i don't know about it all, but a pertified finger would be a bone not the whole finger,
  21. i know there is a bit harder than diamond, but using fracking and other processes make the drilling easier, i was communicating with chevron before the global climate change confrence in africa they asked what i would say if i went i told them, if i were chevron, i would say, since we have the most advanced drilling procedures in the world we are going to usher in a new era of geothermal power production a few months later, they sent me a layer in google maps that defined the amount of energy was availible in the us based on depth and heat pretty cool layer for my google maps :)
  22. yes and as the probes decended at a billion miles per hour, it scanned the entire atmophere of venus for macroscopic life ( excuse the sarcasm, on my first cup of coffee :coffee_n_pc: )
  23. interesting, i think the way the atmosheric pressure an temperature are represented in your statement ( while being "true" ) , is only a half truty just like earth, and any other "planet" the atmoshere would become less dense as you rise in altitude if there is a temperature differential enough for co2 to freeze, then there is a temperate zone where our version of life would be able to survive in essence, what is the difference between the amount of life in the cold abyss of the earths oceans in comparison to a super dense atmosherre on venus, ? the relative nature of the subje
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