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  1. all i'm saying, is sometimes people don't know whats best for them, they are convinced otherwise by those who can potentially influence them , while anyone with basic chemistry would know this is water, someone with a good enough argument, can make it seem bad, in the future when we are much better informed, like we are beginning now with the internet, a utopia may be possible, imho, this may take some time
  2. how about compressed air, like a gas bonded with an element like the one you said, then have it compressed for more potential pixel action? i'm not a chemist, but it should be possible right?
  3. this just seems like a fun project, good point on the intersecting lights though interesting, from any angle, a person obsrving the intersect point sees an increase in intesity not because they interact, but at the focal point of the intersection, there are more photons i think this is the nature of light scattering in the medium of air where in space there is no medium to direct a photon to a different point but as the photons traveling through the air, interact with the air atoms/molecules they are slightly reflected to different directions, besides that, there are ceramic g
  4. another point, i bought a caramic coffee cup that changed colors when it got warm and i remember reading about a type of gass that when excited with electricity, produced different colors could a chamber filled with this clear gas, in turn be excited by a laser to produce light, tuned by the lasers that intersect? or is there a crystam emultion that has this effect? interesting concept i have always like thinking about this, its such a fun topic
  5. i rememebr that type of game, it was with a cowboy of some sort, i was just a kid, and i couldn't figure out how to play difficult controls, and you had to bend your hear to see the display the idea i am talking about would make a hologram, in the sam fashon as the toy, ( i've pondered this for years without experimentation ) when 2 lasers intersect, the intersect point is much brighter than the rest of the laser line, therfeore as the intensity of the bump-pixles increases the intensity needed to make it through the filter is achieved you could use the same scanning a monitor uses,
  6. anyway, she is in kindergarden a year early she reads a few words, and reads symbols, like do not ride bikes no dogs no triangles etc.
  7. i have been pondering this since i was at a university a holographic monitor my first idea was to create a ball of fibreoptics, put it inside a parabolic mirror situation to give a 3d hologram, i then i was working for a company called nu-salt lasers, and i got to see the full color laser situation, using a 3 color laser and having 3 beams intersect in a 3d spatial matrix would make a reflectable hologram, if the top of the hologram chamber were a filter that only allowed light a 3 laser intersect intensity to flow through then we could have a decent holograph
  8. does anyone know anyone who might be able to get the original radar ?
  9. still looking for more ways to get the data from that day, having a difficult time?
  10. i think you are mislead from a history that was written by people trying to give reason to kill a peacful people
  11. engrish i think this is a gathering of what phrases we use in english look like to those that learn english as a second language
  12. http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/10282012-mexico-canada-spiral-vortex-shaped-radar-return/
  13. i was thinking 4 sections supporting the circuit with mosfet controlled relays
  14. i was thinking about building a lifter with a tazer gun, to get the voltage needed, is anyone here good enough to desighn a scematic for one, plus i need the gap distance
  15. i like the tree houses from lord of the rings
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