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  1. i am a firm believer in rock salt shot, then this situation would be different, and the person would be in jail
  2. i read an article where it was a yellowstone boson, and also, one where they used lead and created a new super gluon matter?
  3. how about bulding verticle farms in the amazon to grow livestock feed, at the same time, the exhaust from a coal power plant could be vented into the facility to heat and add co2 to the system to promote growth, then the amount of amazon forest the would be removed would be replaced by jobs to build and work in such facilities verticle farms with aquaponics
  4. what would you name it? earth united space base ? have fun :)
  5. would be cool if they found a snail shaped object, or fossil
  6. especially with the methane bubbling in the arctic from what i know, thats the snowball
  7. but if you reflect the power at a tower that boils water, you can run a steam turbine, for a fraction of a the cost and resources of a solar pannel power plant, plus upkeep is more simple also
  8. remember, if we really need to, we can make a sattelite the opens up like an umbrella, and acually shade the north or south poles, this would allow for the ice caps to reform also, and reduce the total light soming to the earth, it would just have to be close to the sun, like a lagrange point between the earth and the sun, and be able to acceptincoming particles to stabalise its orbit
  9. but if that light is focused on a tower, and it boils water, then it creates electricity, i agree that global warming has gotta stop, however, if we use this as a resource, then we kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak
  10. why not use that to create electricity, and reduce ther amount of coal being burned
  11. interesting question i ponder when there will be enough laws, there has to be some point right? i understand in an age such as this, with all sorts of new things, we need new ways to keep everything safe, but when does it end?
  12. http://scienceforums.com/topic/17924-conceptual-science/page__p__257621__hl__%2Bbelovelife+%2Belectron__fromsearch__1?do=findComment&comment=257621 read this, i agree with you,
  13. what is true knowledge for me, may look different to you many exhamples int the world of this, culturally, religiosly, racially for example, i choose not to use capitol letters, just a choice i make, this one of my wisdoms ( wise-dumb?)
  14. mabe, mabe not, you know on this day i was having a great day in bigfoot county :rolleyes:
  15. interesting, if you were in the states i'd ask for a job :lol: welcome to hypography university :ph34r:
  16. my model is similar to string, where the atoms "vibrate", or turn on and off, from a primorial eather to matter/ antimatter pairs, creating a resonance that defines atomic interaction , weak force of gravity, atomic decay, and electromagnetic signatures, it only involves the 3 dimentions we are familiar with though, but it goes all the way from a black hole to a an atom, where the black hole would emmit matter, stars, etc. similar to CME of a star, also an active core of a planet would do the same thing
  17. there are so many of them in the english language, furthermore, the use of the language in a social atmoshere, with a hint hint nod nod, sort of deal like one cottinpickin moment i could proabably think of a bunch, its just like slang where aint isn;'t a word but now it is if we all sang when the saints go marching in, i think we would be wording a better form of the language
  18. cause it sounds similar to confusingus
  19. lookin for work, only find nothing
  20. i've heard 2 statement as of late, both of which i do not think we should continue to use, the first one " young whipper-snapper ", the second " smart as a whip ", while these statements seem to be accociated with eachother , and based on a negative thought process, i believe that they should just be deleted from our communal language, and common statements, just my opinion
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