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  1. alright, doin some research, trying to get Masdar City ( green city of the UAE to host the IAC )

    Call for Hosting 2013 - International Astronautical Federation

    Masdar City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    how are you

  2. happy merry newyear christmas cinco de mayo :)

  3. New days, new years

    more beers new cheers

    the sky is clear

    shines a mirror

    attempt to steat

    in this year

  4. its cool up here, being from socal, the rain of the rainforest (redwoods) is so nice, well at least for now

    who knows,


    like swimming in the rain

    the birds are in flight

    and the furry creatures

    dance in the light

    so many berries

    and so many times

    time in an instance

    to ponder and ryme

  5. its cool up here, being from socal, the rain of the rainforest (redwoods) is so nice, well at least for now

    who knows,

  6. yellow jackets.... hmmm... i was just holding a bee today, very friendly


    i love hiking, its the best, i just had a good run, it was at a cliff in nothern cali

    and i ran the path all the way down the cliff it was great

  7. i just got a pass at hsu so i can get on more and more

    how have you been

  8. yeaqh thats what i'm planning

    i'm new in the town

    so its taking me a while to settle in

  9. i lent my laptop to someone and it got broken

    now i have to pay to get on the net a t a local coffee shop

    its alright just less time on the net

  10. did you see

    if you make it into a gif you'll see more

    but this is 3 pictures taken of the arm that scooped the soil from mars on the pheonix rover

    it moves in -75 degrees f weather

    and after it splits it moves in 2 directions

    what are your thoughts

  11. Ok, i mean no offence.


    But since you saw fit to give me an infraction.

    At least humor me by reading post #1 from



    I will take the time to improve my comment structure, if you take the time to tell me where I am wrong in my perception of the interaction of photons, electrons, and protons.


    Also, if you have a better understanding of these interactions, and can explain them better, write me a note, in your own words (not copied from a page or textbook), so that I can further my understanding of the universe.


    I'm just basically asking for the respect of attempting to understand the concepts that I am conveying, just as you ask for more structured comments.




  12. i just had to get a score on the arcade so you were not the only one on there


  13. YouTube - Dragonball Z teaches real life kung fu information #02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hf6Q6r7cmw

  14. it reminds me of waterfalls in the upperpennisula of michigan

    (da UP eh) :)

    nostalgic sorta. you know

    i have a tiny waterfall in san diego

    like 3 feet tall w/3 paths at the fall

    but hey i do live in a dessert

  15. Kombucha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the reason i asked was you are an organic chemist

    and this has some amazing properties

    similar (if you play video games)

    to an elixer

    no psycoactive effects save

    the amazing energy you get (good to drink a glass with a lady friend if you

    go hiking or otherwise could use extra stamina)

  16. uhhhh

    how do i read your blogs?

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