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  1. Couldn't agree more, tho haven't read your links, yet. I have never believed that cholesterol has anything to do with heart attacks; its all about inflamation. Specifically, inflamation of the arteries, caused by cigarette smoke and other environmental exposures.Discussed this with my Dr., a rheumatologist, and he agreed. pointed out there is a recent study showing that statins have an anti-inflamatory effect, and he speculated that that is why they get a statistical improvement re; heart attacks. Not because of any advantage from reducing cholesterol.Nattokinase, to reduce fibrin, Edta, to re
  2. I also posted about this on another site, and people who know alot more about me about electricity assured me it will work. I'm definetly gonna try it. As I said, at the least it could be a supplement to solar cells. Apperently you can get some pretty high voltages, as my previous post suggests.That was the one where I was quoting the guy on the other site, who talked about 2 guys who used old coke bottles as insulators, and got scared so dismantled it.They gave me the correct instructions for how to wire it up, with the coil and sparkplug, to make it work.Wish I could start on it right now, b
  3. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, my computers eyes glased over, (froze up) when i tried to read all 11 pages.I'm not looking to get into an argument, so I'm making no claims, but you asked; Take 1 oz. of DMSO, the good stuff from Dr. Jacobs. Add 1 oz. of distilled H2o.Add 2o drops of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.Apply topically to large areas after bath, (try it out first on a small area) and specifically to any moles or 'suspicious' growths.As I said, I'm not making any claims. I will say, 'if' it were to work, there would be NO financial incentive for anyone to do testing to prove i
  4. Most pholtovoltaic solar and wind electric power systems use 12 volt, although they use 'marine' batteries instead of car batteries, and usually use a 'bank' of them. I'm thinking, A) This could be used as a supplement to such a system charging even when cloudy or windless, or :rolleyes: By using a bigger system, (Really just need more insulated copper wire, could be run in several layers over the same coarse, so wouldn't add much to cost, just more insulators perhaps) could supply ALL the recharging for an 'off-grid' system.I'm definetly up for trying this, although I can't start on it yet. S
  5. Actually, I think the same thing is true in most countries, its just that with Icelands small popualtion, its more,...obvious? Remember how Paulson requested the 7oo billion, initially, to 'buy up the toxic assets of the banks'. But, in the 2 weeks that it took to get Congress to o.k. it, he changed his mind about how to use it. i think thats because he found out, (during those 2 weeks) that 700 billion wouldn't begin to be enough to buy up the toxic assets.Thats why he shifted to buying stock in the banks. Irony of ironies; Saw a news show on the network, couple of weeks ago. They were going
  6. Certainly Satan is 1 example of insane behavior in animals.Rabies would be another, and 1 that could occur in wild as well as domestic animals.Wonder what Satan would have been like 'in the wild?'Other than something like rabies, i think we can observe a lot of 'neurotic' behavior in dogs, for instance, which are probably a direct rsult of their close association with humans. Regarding TGMBC, My point was that thruout history mankind lives in 2 different lifestyles; small groupings, families or tribes. And, BIG cities.And, thruout history, insanity seems more prevalent in the BIG city lifestyl
  7. So, let's see if I've got this right; Got the copper wire, suspended in the air on insulators. Connects to 1 metal plate.Sheet of glass seperates that plate from another metal plate, which is hooked to grounded copper rod.If I've got that right so far, whats up, exactly, with this 1" air gap? Where is it (in the circuit) and whats the purpose?( In case you can't tell, my knowledge of electricity is negligible, but I'm interested in learning.) Jim
  8. If you haven't, watch the movie, "The Gods must be Crazy!".I believe your answer lies there. Jim
  9. Been exploring this myself, on another forum.Apperently an insulated copper wire, about 200 ft. long, suspended in the air with insulators, will build up one heck of a 'static' electric charge.Easily enough to charge a 12v. battery.Heres what someone had to say; "Any attempts to establish a system like this must be approached with the greatest of respect and caution. Casual and ad-hoc experiments can be extremely dangerous. John Bedini told me of one system he and Ron Cole built in Southern California in the 1980's. It consisted of about 100 feet of copper wire, no more than 10 feet off the
  10. "I wonder what DMSO would do with THC,..." Of coarse its only happenstance that I Googled THC, to find out the molecular weight. I should point out that if you were to soak a bud in it, and then strain it, any of the many other substances in the budd, with a molecular weight below 1000 would ALSO be in your solution. I make it a policy NEVER to reside in an area where the temp gets below freesing, but your right, I forgot DMSO freeses at a high temp. Last winter I forgot that, and freaked out; I went to pour some from my 1 gal. jug, and it was solid. I think it was about 60 degrees F., althoug
  11. " I think we ARE getting addicted to borrowing." What do you mean, "getting".I think my point was that we have gotten, past tense, addicted to credit.We have used credit to artifically stimulate the economy, just as amphtamines artificially stimulate people. "the objective in this thread was to picture the economic future and and then take a look at it in a year or so and see how we came out." I've made my prediction, and I'll stand by it. I am not a doom and gloom, however. The vast majority who voted in the last election, regardless of who they voted for, wanted "Change". But real change can
  12. Anything with a molecular weight below 1000, that is dissolved in the DMSO, will be carried right thru the skin and into your system.THC has a weight of 300+, oxycodone 400+, etc.Many vitamins, and supplements as well. I wasn't talking about or thinking of mixing acetone with it, that would be bad! I was saying SOME have mixed a SMALL amount of acetone with gasoline. Say, 10-20cc in a tank, and thought they saw an improvement in mileage.I was thinking of putting a SMALL amount of DMSO in some gasoline, say 10cc in a gallon, out in a field with no flamable structures etc. around, just to see wh
  13. Actually, my turn to apologise;I'm the 1 who brought it up.Sorry, newbie error.Wondering what adding a small amount of it to gasoline would do? I will be experimenting later, to find out.I know some have tried a SMALL amount of acetone, and some report favorable results.I don't have any idea what it will do, thats why I'm gonna experiment.Maybe it will make the gasoline break-down, maybe it will make it vaporise easier?Certainly, as with acetone, I'll have to be concerned with it dissolving fuel lines,gaskets, etc. Anything rubber or most plastics.But, it will be an interesting experiment. Any
  14. Have some, not sure it would help, how to load it, take ur pick. Its not rocket science.Its on older truck, has an actual full frame, so I was able to disconnect the body and lift it off the frame; Axles and drivetrain intact with frame.Its going to go between the framerails.Will have bellypan, which will double as bottom of duct.Jim
  15. Not sure why you say I'm making it too complicated on myself. I maybe didn't explain; I raised the body off of the frame, for other modifications I was committed to making, and looking at the frame, and some of the other things I'm doing, it just kinda seemed to naturally fit in with it.Without going into a lot more detail, suffice to say, the tunnel or duct isn't that much work, time money or additional weight.So, if it doesn't give me much benefit at all, it won't be a terrible loss. Jim
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