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  1. From an article titled 'The Summit Ice Cores (GISP2 and GRIP)' by the American Geophysical Union: Hmm... Okay. I saw a quote to that effect. I saw that 110,000 years ago was well into humanity's life on the planet. I missed that the Greenland ice shelf, according to wikipedia, has been rebuilding itself since the Pliocene, i.e., over 1.8 million years ago, due to continental drift having placed it near the polar regions for a *long* time. Given the large amount of oddball theories concerning the location of Atlantis, I was wondering why, given the size, location and the fact that the
  2. I propose that Atlantis is under the Greenland Ice Shelf. Could anyone find evidence to agree with the proposal, or give reason that the concept is indisputably wrong?
  3. I believe the correct qualification is: "Survival of the fittest... at the moment." As far as I can tell the dinosaurs didn't die out because they were necessarily unfit, and small mammals were fitter, they just died because the Earth changed over a period of time. Take mammals during the Ice Age. Many species adapted and adapted, growing long fur and gaining weight. When the Ice Age ended, plenty died out, because while the species that hadn't changed overly may have viewed it as return to 'normal' climate patterns, many of those that had changed with the Ice Age reacted to the rise i
  4. I'm a college student from an agricultural rice community, looking forward to hanging out on this site. You guys rock.
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