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  1. Welcome to the New World Order, Thoth101. Link = https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/covid-19-accelerating-shift-global-power-will-shape-new-world/
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  2. montgomery

    Smooth Earth

    The answer to the first question is '0'. There's not enough information provided to answer the 2nd. question but I can fix it for you. How many miles between two 6 foot tall people for them to see each other's heads if atmospheric conditions for viewing are perfect? 6 miles Bonus question: What kind of an a-s would want to invent a tail on Mars that can be seen by him and his daddy? Twice!
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  3. I would be delighted if anchovy became your friend and fellow sympathizer. You would have an ally and then you would lose all caution and really spill it out. Right now you're much less fun as paranoia is setting in. Remember the comma?
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  4. montgomery

    What if Trump Loses?

    That's about what one would expect out of wingnut like Icky David.
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