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  1. e^2/r is the energy for instance but you have one numerator of strain weighted by a factor of the squared strain, meaning that the dimensions cannot be justified.
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  2. Racoon

    The News Media Is Fake

    Fake News: NY Times Washington Post - owned by Bezos a s an anti-Trump attack arm Atlantic Huff Po - if you are dumb enough to read and believe that drivel CNN MSNBC NBC CBS ABC (major anchors caught lying) Buzzfeed New Turks, all that shite. Covington Kid just got paid millions if you remember that incident, not all that far too long ago. Defamation with threats to his life for no good reason built on a lie and biased agenda. https://nypost.com/2020/07/24/washington-post-settles-250m-suit-with-covington-teen-nick-sandmann/
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  3. A-wal

    Was Jesus A Philosopher?

    Yes, much of the Jesus story was shoehorned in from other earlier stories but it would have been much easier to do that using an already iconic and idolised figure.
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  4. Hey dude, I hope you are doing well, good old Hypo seems to have slowed down a bit..
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