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  1. A-wal

    My Favorite Weapon

    Baby katana. :) They sure are, especially Japanese swords. I've always found hammer humourous as weapons for some reason. The opposite of swords, I'm just going to smash you with lump of hard stuff.
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  2. Yes, Chemical Processes can create them in a factory setting but to make them reproduce on their own like organic biological machines you would need a artificial Nano-factory. Like I have made Titanium Nano-particles but they cannot make more of themselves on their own. They aren't what you would call "Infectious", but like even Titanium Nano-particles can really mess up the environment that is one of the hazards of nanotechnology, but if you release 10 million titanium nano-particles there will always be exactly 10 million that you released with current technology(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
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