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  1. Well, more accurately using a thermocouple to harvest work from the cooler nighttime air. Still. this anti-solar panel idea is kinda neat. Almost like they're going back to the roots that Lord Kelvin started with. Generating Light from DarknessAaswath P. RamanWei LiShanhui Fan
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  2. I embrace the notion that a higher level, way more advanced civilization, could accomplish, "Perceived Time Travel" on local scales. Like a Kardashev level 3, 4, 5+. Simply, it would resemble rewinding a VHS, or dvd, and replaying it forward. ***Warning*** I have non mainstream thoughts often, this response is one of them. Two things are essential to do this: 1) The complete information of a local system. Every atom, down to the quantum level (or further), every neuron...all information as it relates to the system. 2) The ability to arrange every atom...every neuron at will. In today's
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  3. Gotcha. That makes perfect sense. I think I am going to take your advise. Perhaps morning coffee and incremental reading. Possibly print it out and highlight key points as I read. That should help in my retention level. I have short term memory issues at this point in life. Long term is fine but short term suffers. Edit: meant to mention that trying to read it on my galaxy s7 phone probably does not help with eye fatigue. The computer screen and/or full page printouts should be better. Maybe even a tablet for bedtime reading. Ty again!
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