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  1. DaveC426913

    Dart Trajectory

    He is one of the best players in our club. Although that's really not saying much. We just dart for fun, though it is a tournament. At least half our players have trouble hitting the board thrice in a row. He only does occasionally, to keep both skillsets sharp. I'm not sure if he's much worse at underhand than overhand.
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  2. Part V: Warp Core(Negative Mass Particle Generation system) The Highlight of a couple months ago was the fact that Negative Mass Particles could be generated which make Warp Drive possible meaning that faster than light travel could be done. We will need a unit to generate negative mass particle to mix in with the plasma for the thrusters to expand the space behind the ship as we contract it by using energy-mass to accelerate the ship via the Plasma Thruster system giving the plasma a effective mass of zero or negative while accelerating the ship. This Warp Core will convert electrical energ
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