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  1. This is a lie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_special_relativity#Constancy_of_the_speed_of_light I have read through all twelve pages of crap, moron. I am not a physicist, and readily admit that you may be more knowledgable than I am. However, I do not resort to lies to support a claim. I have found that there is more literature than I expected regarding the idea of a preferred frame. However, like you, the proponents seem to be unable to provide any evidence that supports their claim. As you know, the claim that there is no preferred frame is unfalsifiable. The claim that th
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  2. Then what exactly are you spending so much effort arguing for? Nobody is disputing that SR is only an accurate description if the speed of light is constant in all inertial frames, it's only right if it's postulates are true. If it's postulates are true then it's the simplest description of relative motion but if it's postulates aren't true then we'd need a different description. If you want to claim that the speed of light isn't the same in all inertial frames then you need to explain why experiments showed that it is. Even if the speed of light isn't constant, there would still be absolute
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  3. Oh, FFS. I started reading this thread knowing I was diving into a shithole, but I didn't imagine how bad it was. I couldn't make it past the first page. Relativity of position and motion as measured by different observers is not the same as moral relativism. There is absolutely nothing that links the two other than the unique idiosyncrasies of the English language. Stop being an idiot. If your point of view requires lying to promote it, then it might not be useful.
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