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  1. You can't say that an acid or base is stronger. They are completely different things! The pH scale is a measure of the Hydrogen ion concentration in a given substance. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14. The number 7 is neutral. As the number increases past 7, the substance in more basic (or alkaline). As the number decreases below 7, the substance is more acidic. a pH of 1 would be extremely acidic. a pH of 14 would be extremely basic. now pH is simply the negative logarithm of whatever the concentration may be. For instance, lets say a substance has a hydrogen ion concentration of
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  2. UncleAl

    Chemistry 101

    Not nearly good enough. You must know everything to know anything. Rote memorization leaves you an educated cripple - a biologist's head bursting with vast numbers of disconnected facts. You must understand. Is your left foot different from your right foot even though it is a mirror image? Sure! A given shoe wll fit differently on either foot. How different is your left foot from my left foot? How do you quantitate footedness? One is knowledge, one is understanding. Uncle Al needed 18 months of daily work to understand said mathematics. His first hint of success was finding an (adm
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