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  1. I've often found it useful in the never-ending fight against trolls to demand that they define key terms they are using. In this case, Ryndan said that we provided no "evidence". I would have asked him, what do you mean by evidence? Or, if I were to give you evidence, what would it look like? What would I have to tell you in order for you to agree that it was evidence? Hoist them on the definition of their own petard.
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  2. CraigD

    Married Mission To Mars

    I don’t think the Why Aren't There Any Openly Gay Astronauts?” Space.com article suggests that the NASA agency would have problems with an openly gay astronaut, but that astronauts themselves are very careful to avoid giving any appearance of impropriety. Though the article doesn’t broach the subject, based on what I’ve read about how competitive the astronaut program is, I think this carefulness is as much or more about astronaut candidates wanting to stay in the program and get flights than about besmirching NASA’s image. NASA’s image seems pretty resilient to me, as it survived with littl
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