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  1. not a bad idea.. *sharpens teeth and pitch fork. what if McDonalds got a deal on convict meat that tasted more like beef than whatever it is they use now?
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  2. Because $280 billion would STOP global warming for this entire planet. Do you know how many trillions it would take to even attempt to use deserts (solar thermal or solar PV) to stop coal? If you were talking about nuclear power, I might be tempted. Let's say a big GenIV IFR costs $5 billion. That's only 56 reactors, or Australia off coal, oil, and gas. (If we electrify transport as we are going to have to). How many reactors would it take to move the world off coal and oil and gas? $280 billion dollars is a drop in the bucket when talking about changing the global energy infrastructure over
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