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  1. Stuff and nonsense. Gravity is not an acceleration. You can have acceleration due to gravity, but this is not the same as gravity being acceleration. Dimensionally, energy is not d/t, but: md²/t². While the energy of a photon depends on its frequency [/i]or wavelength, you use either one or the other, not both. (is is just silly to say that it depends on frequency and wavelength, because these two qualities are co-dependent) And to relate either to energy you have to use Planck's constant which is 6.626e-34 m²kg/s which dimensionally becomes: d²m/t Relating energy to fre
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  3. I am going to repeat myself but add a few extra considerations. Gravity is an acceleration with dimensions d/t/t. Energy is based on frequency and wavelength with dimensions d/t. The difference, dimensionally is the extra t. Since energy can't escape a blackhole, then d/t can not escape. This leaves only the extra t the ability to escape. Let us look at this conceptually. What would happen if time could escape, but this time is not associated or integrated with distance. The effect would be an integration in time, that is independent of distance. It is not subject to the speed of light, sin
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