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  1. One small qualification that comes with this trend: This is flat - completely flat - at least, I can't tell which way it's sloping. But, this is not the logarithmic trend line that has a curved line. That one slopes down to the very perceptive eye. The one depicted above is a straight line or linear trend and it comes out flat or level. This is not biased in any way - it's just a trend choice in Excel. The linear choice comes out completely flat and the logarithmic choice comes out ever so slightly angled down (and obviously curved). Considering this thread, I'm sure there is a l
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  2. First, let me say that I think we are quite close to being on the same page. I have read the links you posted. I do not dispute that the models are very good at projecting temperature trends over time for a given set of inputs. As Modest has pointed out, Excell is quite good at this, too. It's a pretty fair assesment. There is one point however, where we may see things differently, and that is the first one. "Climate systems are enormously complex, and have hundreds of variables to consider" The basis of my general critisism is that we don't know how many variables there are to cons
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  3. ughaibu

    Does God exist?

    There you've identified your problem, I wish you all the best for your success in rectifying your relationship with reality.
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  4. Pyrotex


    Hi Boerseun, I've been lurking this thread for a while, but I never knew what to say. I still don't. I even tried researching the end of 'tribalism' in Europe, to get a clue as to what it might take in Africa, but that resulted in pthhaaaa! Nobody seems to know a cure for tribalism. The only understanding of tribalism that I can sort out is a Darwinian explanation, based upon Dawkin's "Mount Improbable". Only this metaphor is the evolution of stable governing systems in an ever-changing environment of social/cultural "ecosystems". There's democracy occupying several local maximums ne
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  5. steve 9

    What is time?

    I have to thank you for your concise post. I think that slowly we will un-ravel the exact nature of time. Lets start with your last post in response to me. Originally Posted by steve 9 If time is a real physical thing than provide some evidence of this in the form of a definition, reference, or observation. Response by Modest There is no dichotomy in my direct question. I ask for some evidence that time is a real physical thing. It is a request, not an either or question. As far as your example using a banana in place of time, yes people have given THEIR idea of what a banana
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