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  1. Stop the presses!!! Let's do away with the anti-gambling talk before you all force me to get a real job. I earn (YES EARN) my income from gambling. It is now my only means of income. I have my bachelors degree and worked in the professional world, but I make more from playing cards than I did from being employed. So it is not true that only the casinos profit. I also have many online accounts, which in fact fund everything else that I do, so it is not a scam and I have had no hint of a problem with identity theft. Site's like PartyPoker are publically traded on the London Stock Exchange
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  2. Biochemist

    To Creationists

    I do understand the Dawkins model, and the idea is certianly applicable. Nevertheless, every time I do a reasonable calculation (examples: 1) abiogenesis or 2) speciation by mutation for the 250 million year window from invertebrates to mammals in the Cambrian explosion) and allow for incremental services to "help" the calculations, it is very problematic to get the probabilities down below 1 in 10^20, even under highly favorable conditions. So, the Dawkins approach may suggest that the probabilities are not 1 in 10^50,000 as some have claimed. But it does not get them down to under 1 in
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  3. questor

    Camp of the Saints

    Tormod, i read your first link from Fox news. i see nothing about continuing to let illegals cross our borders at will as a positive situation. you and i must have different interpretations of the language. the article was more about, what do we do with the ones already here? this year we had more illegals than last year and next year will be more than this year. we cannot be the salvation for all people of the world. we cannot supply jobs for everyone or financial aid to everyone, soon enough the jobs and aid would run out. it is one thing to wish the best for everyone in the world, it is a
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