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  2. I think your frustration comes from your question not being specific enough. There are many different fields of science, and while they may all have the same backbones (quantum mechanics), they come with substantially different systems and calculations; and there are more unanswered questions in some fields than in others. There are more unanswered questions in astrochemistry than polymeric chemistry. There are more unanswered questions in meteorology than mineralogy. There are more unanswered questions in neuroscience than hematology. Unanswered questions comes with the territory.
  3. I agree with only two things you've said; that global warming is a threat, and that we need to stop unreciprocated deforestation. Contrary to popular belief however, we don't need to be worrying about the ocean or CO2 output. The earth has released more CO2 into its own atmosphere through volcanic activity and other natural processes than we humans could ever think of even producing. And as for the ocean; it is a self-regulating system. Most of the atmosphere's CO2 is dissolved into the ocean, and much of the planet's heat is also absorbed into the ocean. It gets hotter, polar ice melts,
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  5. I get that but how much of the science we read and hear about is solid and how much is theory? Are you saying that the certainties I hear about are just people sticking to what works these days? How likely is an earthquake?
  6. Global warming has been a threat to our planet. Our planet weather and environment has been changing over the last 20 years. The sea levels are at an all time high, the arctic is melting and animals are finding it difficult to survive. Green house gases which trap heat in the atmosphere is at a high time level and our forest which is home to many wildlife is slowly vanishing. It is believed that humans are the greatest threat to our planet. We continue to destroy our environment by cutting down trees without replanting. The population is increasing while food conservation is decreasing. It is
  7. Omnifarious; My analogy for science is the person who enters a theater in the middle of a movie and tries to determine what has happened up to the current state of affairs. There are many possibilities but only one true sequence of events. The person can stay to watch the missed portion when the film repeats, but that's not possible in the real world. Since no one was present at the beginning of the universe we can only speculate with theories using abstract mental constructs, lines, circles, forces, etc. that mimic the behavior observed. We retain the theories while th
  8. In AP Computer Science Principles we've learned about Moore's Law...... Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. Planned Obsolescence is the policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life or a purposely frail design, so that it becomes obsolete after a certain period of time. How are these two systems related? In what specific ways might they impact the quality of computer hardware, the engineering design process, and technological progress?
  9. Just a poor man's offering: I tend to think of stratification in sediment as layers of dead vegetation. Metamorphic(change) rock is changed by pressure causing the layers . The word (foliation) refers to the appearance of leaves meaning thin layers in this case; it does not mean caused by leaves.
  10. I see actual images of hospitals trying to cope with the flood of patients all around the USA. Paraphrasing myself, 1/4 million deceased, I will retract the number since that's what the discussion is based on.. .Death tolls may not be the best support for an argument. I do know how and why citizens of this country are bumping heads and mistrusting one another while politicians interfere with progress on solving troubling problems. If I post my accusations it would only be considered as political prejudice and not support a rebuttal to Ocean's position. I don't necessarily agree with the accura
  11. I have no idea why it deleted some of the stuff I wrote. Here is a quick synopsis: they placed a Gadolinium atom inside a Buckyball and were able to show that it could represent binary data.
  12. Take a look at the presentation attached. Moments are created by a turning effect or torque!! There are examples found in everyday activity of turning forces. Some of those will be covered here. You will be expected to discuss and develop an understanding these types of internal forces ad provide feedback and support for your peers. Turning Effects.pptx
  13. Global health crisis forced schools to shift in remote learning given time limitation and technology accessibility. Learning from home, while ensuring safety and wellness of all, is an utmost priority. Remote learning provides continuity of instruction even when not in physical school. However, a struggle to find the most efficient virtual space for learning and instruction was a big challenge in the beginning but adjustments were made to effectively deliver quality education up to the last of school. And where are we now since anew school year has begun? What online platform was most effectiv
  14. But, putting it simply, how solid is our scientific knowledge? What is it like these days? Like how one might ask what Russia is like.
  15. I searched for the same thing but the only answer i got is that both of these terms mean layering. The only difference is stratification occurs in sedimentary rocks while as foliation occurs in metamorphic rocks.
  16. Does Payoneer record your credit card? If that's your problem; just request a new credit card.
  17. It seems this has already been answered. Any real scientist would not have the attitude you're describing; a real scientist is always asking questions, always looking for holes in our knowledge to fill. And we fill these holes by researching, hypothesizing, calculating, and testing; using our knowledge to build upon our knowledge. A reasonable scientist wouldn't state a concept as undeniable, unless the concept has failed to be reasonably denied.
  18. We are drifting away from the question I wanted answered. So many people have made documentaries and written articles saying "this is the way things are" and I can't help but assume they are speaking irrefutable truths because of proven facts, because of science. My question is, basically, when these people or scientists say these things how likely is it they are right? If something is a part of science, how likely is it science might be wrong? Is there any room for doubt? Because in my experience, if it's in a science documentary, if scientists say it, then it's a part of scie
  19. Hello. Why "fortunately"? Unfortunately, it is rare, but one "dead" witness (numbers from a screen etc.) in a million test subjects is hard evidence. Read Pim van Lommel's research. It doesn't take near-death evidence to prove the afterlife. Here historical replicable experiments: Electronic Voice Phenomenon / ITC: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https://www.vtf.de/p73_1.shtml Ouija by STEM Professor Kruse: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https://www.bpv.ch/blog/ouija-von-prof-dr-eckhard-kruse/ James R
  20. I am sorry for your loss and I appreciate your straight forward answer to my question. Would you mind telling us if your niece had another pre-existing condition such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc? It is understandable if you do not wish to answer and I apologize if you find the question offensive. The reason I asked is because I am convinced this pandemic, while real, is being way overblown by the liberal media and the Left, for political advantage and an outright power grab. When political influence creates uncertainty over how deaths are being counted and attributed to Covid-1
  21. My Brother died in just an oxygen mask after we asked to tele-visit his room. I assume if doctors diagnosed Covid he would have been ventilated. It was more likely his long term heart failure issues, actually. His son said they had hoped to just get a supply of oxygen for home use but the EMT insisted he could not comply. He could only follow regulations and take him to hospital. My niece was diagnosed a victim of Covid 19 and passed (approx) three weeks after her father. I don't know if technically "Covid 19" is used in formal medical forms. There was a great fear of hospitalization: fear
  22. The Meaning of Life......Hmmm The answers to the most profound questions can be found on the lips of a woman. (Momma dint raise no fool)
  23. If you want to quit farming and after quit farming you want to maintain your health and physical structure then you will need to go gym and start work for his body.
  24. Regarding the gelatinous sacs encasing kiwano seeds; biochemically speaking, what are they made of and how are they formed?
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  26. Write a reflection about the ideas, beliefs, and questions that you have related to any biological science topic.
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