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  2. Lapid and Bennett decided not to build an oil pipeline that would connect the Red and Mediterranean Seas through Israel, bypassing the Suez Canal. Why was this pipeline needed and what will be the consequences of the decisions of our new «changeable» leaders? Long ago, the Iranian leader Khamenei publicly formulated the Ayatollah’s doctrine: to establish global domination of Iran by controlling the world’s oil reserves, concentrated mainly in the Middle East. Their words are not at odds with their deeds. All Iranian politics is subordinate to the implementation of this doctrine. Nu
  3. Well, they are both apex predators so I guess it depends on who gets the jump on who. Though, I think neither could kill a human with a gun as long as the human had good aim so technically humans are the "Most" Apex Predator on this planet, but I guess this is more about who eats who and I know some humans eat and hunt crocodiles and big cats along with all other animals thus I suppose we actually are for real the only Apex Predator on this planet across all environments with zero natural predators.
  4. Read More: How to fix this aka.ms/remoteconnect Error Read More: How to fix the error of code of aka.ms/accountsettings Read More: Thank you coronavirus helpers: Goggle Doodle Second Time Read More: Fixing the Netflix Error Code: m7111-5059 Is Easy Now Read More: 8 Amazing Ways to Instantly View Private Instagram Accounts Read More: Trump 2024: Clear Signs of Election for Donald Trump
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  6. If photons experience quantum gravity between themselves it doesn't have the same frame rate as the micromass produced from their interactions with matter, even matter has a disparity of frame-rates between various kinds (electrons vs quarks). Although the diagonal path photons adopt when hitting the refractive gs of matter can allow gs in it's wake to trap it into matter or redirect it back to it's source. The reason we percieve matter turning to energy is the fact that gravitons can get picked up by c framerate g-waves when the mass g-wave frame-rates and field strengths cancel each oth
  7. Naw, because did you even get the book which you asked a citation of? Extremely curious, because if you didn't, why did you ask me about a citation? Do you remember the citation I gave, by Rogers? His book was even published after being proof read by Weinberg. In it he clearly says there are arguments for photons having a mass, but not [matter] and he clearly demonstrates this in his book.
  8. The surface of the earth where that v-shaped lake is, rises up from it and the streets around it in fact apart of it is near a bridge covering Page Ave, the hill rises on it's east side making the fact that it's a natural lake even less likely. If the UFO was durable enough to scoop the center of a hill out at those speeds then it's more durable than any of our aircraft by at least 600 times. I mean a solo block of steel or titanium could shovel that much rock in an instant but an aircraft made of steel would break apart at the joints. The earth was pushed along the UFOs trajectory from south
  9. The only reason we've never heard about this is because Scott AFB had already scrambled various jets and choppers and had been trailing the UFO for over 6 ours and the impact Crater was only a few yards from an airport in which the military could quickly land it's air-force to ensure every single witness to the event could be rounded up. Official records will tell you that the house and estates that it impacted were demolished in order to build that perfectly symmetrical v-shaped lake/mitigation area (that's exactly 10 times longer than it is wide) and that was never a one way street perpendic
  10. It's not the moscovium we made in a lab, it's stable only because it's strange matter (charge-sterile nuetron-matter) made from perpetually-condensing plasma for weeks on end in a single and unbroken continuous stable fusion reaction
  11. Following a mediocre UAP Event lasting hours in Illinois near East St Louis on January 5, 2000 Was the only event where technologies Not of This World Were Recovered so impactful in the Clandestine Channels above any single nation on the planet that fragments of the World Trade Center were brought to a facility off Highway 64 Next to 364 where this impact of THE Boomerang shaped UFO 'Mothership' happened and an Airport was built off highway 70 I'm 2001 off the opposite side of the impact off 364 Up until the Maryland Heights Attack of 2000 that left
  12. This forum started out as "Hypography" but that is before my time. I'm sure Sanctus can give a better explanation of the history.
  13. I see you are back at it again; trying to change the argument into one about mass and matter, when in fact that was not the issue at all. Here is why you were banned: “OK, I am giving you a couple of weeks off and if you decide not to return that is entirely up to you. Most people here probably don't know that you have been kicked off of almost every physics forum that exists on the Internet and return using sock puppets. I am giving you a vacation because: you are posting BS about light having mass and using an equation that only applies to particles with mass. And Being insulting not on
  14. What are your thoughts on a DE accelerated electronic operation being the catalyst for a source simulation that fixes a quantum position to it's state? Abstract:
  15. So, in summary for beyond GR&SR Gravitons - geometrically maximized planck scale building blocks of all matter and energy G-fields - Tugs or pulls gravitons at various frequencies (time dilation) G-waves - Carry g-fields outward across space at the same rate as their respective tug-rates, not limited by lp/lt
  16. Any electronic currents in the circuitry of the 📐-class starship that run parallel to the direction of DE grav pull that's favored in the jump will run faster. Possibly faster than light if the jump occurs in a vacuum is done consecutively a certain number of times.
  17. "It was almost like a car going around a curve, just a flat turn. Then it seemed to accelerate fairly rapidly, and I reached back in the car, picked up the radio, told St. Clair County what I was seeing, and the next thing I know it looked to be over Shiloh, about seven miles away." From almost zero, to mach 3 instantly, with no sound in the video I watched. Now a DE slipstream can only be manufactured by heating very very large dense nuclei to incredible temperatures. The resulting BHs will collectively live a millisecond, in that time tachyonic gravitons will escape it's g-wave p
  18. You can have parallel operations via the quantum eraser replacing one history with another to entangle particles that once shared a location on closer proximity. You can also have dark energy processors. We observe that gravity waves Circo ligo 2017 never really travelled exactly at c. From the 2017 article the ligo had "spotted the collision of BH and NS, and then the lasers measured the proximity from the sun decrease by the length of atom" Unexpectedly to Einstein's theory the light and the gw did not effect the inferometers with precise simultaneouty only approximate. However, I'
  19. You can learn a lot about the type of specific challenges a dawning wayward Fleet Civilization faces from history. It's entirely about who is seen as a superior leader, who has the best interpersonal awareness and most admirable qualities. Not just the person who with the expertise, I'm sure I can gain the power, and being in power with a regiment with the global a-symmetric technological advantage, is being the most powerful human in history. This has happened a few times in the past. Is the goal really so unusual? You're going to want the self-sustaining life raft, because it's not just
  20. Taking the quantum computing course at brilliant, I have the algorithm to find the missing variable that causes decoherence, so I just need to learn how the hardware is different and how parallel silicon-conducted electron currents get integrated into the chip differently than single electric currents. This is not going to be something my handpicked crew wants to sale, we are building our own lifeboat in these troubled times, stable fusion goes with the quantum computing, and a Batwing. I will train a full crew myself seeing as how I alone designed the executive controls, using whatever m
  21. https://scitechdaily.com/surprising-dark-matter-theory-explains-mysterious-supermassive-black-holes-that-formed-early-in-the-universe/amp/ You have to stop ridiculing my ideas, they are obviously good enough to be noticed Not that there isn't some insight beyond the theory General Relativity I may he witholding. Some secret involving that which we cannot see, 96% of the universe compounded by something else in secretive maths: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24933240-900-did-time-flow-in-two-directions-from-the-big-bang-making-two-futures/amp/ These were just bits, e
  22. https://www.slashgear.com/googles-quantum-computer-supposedly-just-made-a-time-crystal-30684692/amp/
  23. The reports say such that Naval officers vanished while fighting in a bar (which was in a Twilight Zone Episode) and that the USS Eldridge also teleported in what's known as The Philadelphia Experiment. I think my experience tops any report because I witnessed it firsthand, but even the Naval Officers event, being a Twilight Zone Episode, adds to it more credence that it was real (and it was originally a Newspaper report as far as that goes, but obviously a real one if there was a Twilight Zone Episode based on that article)
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