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CFCs, damages the ozone

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Posted 17 February 2019 - 02:06 PM

Between the can of R-12 I am trying to sell for my dad ($15 plus shipping if anyone is interested), the R-134a in my refrigerator, the 8-10 pounds of R-22 left in the canister in the basement, however much R-22 is in my central air conditioning, and whatever type and amount is in my 2010 Dodge Challenger, I am practically swimming in refrigerants.  No wonder I can't seem to get warmed up.  Bring on that global warming!!!



I finally looked it up and my 2010 Challenger takes R-134a, and I am sure my wife's 2017 Toyota Corolla takes R-134a too.  At least I only have to stock two types of refrigerant.  My motorcycle and my two MG Midgets use a nitrogen/oxygen coolant (air). :roll:

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